Safety instructions

On this page we inform you about special safety instructions of our products.

Safty instruction

What do I basically have to consider when setting up my system in terms of cabling and power supply?

With model railroads, changing track layouts on the table, on the floor or outdoors are quite common. Frequent mating of the track connectors can cause them to become loose and/or dirty and can result in higher contact resistances. If a short circuit event occurs in combination with higher contact resistances, there is a risk that your control panel/booster will not detect the short circuit quickly enough, but will continue to supply a high current. This high current can lead to uncontrolled heating and thus to the outbreak of a fire.

A frequent feeding of the traction voltage into the track bypasses the transition resistances that have to be overcome, the automatic shutdown of your command station/booster reacts faster and safer.

Read "What do I have to pay attention to when setting up my layout in terms of cabling and power supply? - Technology Tip 105". (German language only)

Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH excludes any liability for damage resulting from non-observance of these instructions. Likewise, there is no liability for damage resulting from the use of third-party products.

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Technical Tip

Safety requirements for the construction and operation of different size of model railways

Part of the carefree game of model railroading is the certainty that safety is paramount when operating the model railway. There are many rules and standards that must be met by all Märklin, Trix or LGB products that we offer on the market.

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