Märklin guarantee

Your Additional Protection when Purchasing Märklin Products

There are situations that you would rather not experience. Despite this, it is good if you are optimally protected for this situation. Claims also belong to these situations. A new product unfortunately no longer works. What can you do now?

In this case, the lawmakers addresses the seller. An additional possibility is offered by Märklin: the manufacturer's warranty.

This gives you the option of contacting the manufacturer directly and having them repair or replace the product. However, the following points are very important:

- This manufacturer's warranty is valid for a period of 24 months from the date on which the product was purchased from an official Märklin dealer, for a maximum of 60 months from the date the item was deleted from the catalogue range, for MHI products the period is 60 months from the date of purchase from the official Märklin dealer, for a maximum of 72 months from the date the item was deleted from the catalogue range. Either the fully completed warranty certificate or the sales receipt is suitable as proof. Receipts from any other commercial or private reseller are not suitable. You can check whether the dealer of your choice is actually an official specialised dealer in the dealer search on our websites for Märklin, Trix and LGB.  You can find these addresses for foreign countries at www.maerklin.com.

- The manufacturer's guarantee cannot cover all possible damage to a model. It therefore covers complaints that are due to manufacturing, design or material defects. Incomplete products, shipping damage between the retailer and customer or damaged packaging, for example, are not covered and can therefore understandably only be claimed against the seller.

- Warranty claims expire:

  • In the event of wear-related faults or normal wear and tear of wearing parts
  • If certain electronic elements have been installed by unauthorised persons contrary to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • If the device is used for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer
  • If the manufacturer's instructions in the operating instructions have not been followed
  • Any claims under guarantee, warranty or compensation are excluded if third-party parts are installed in Märklin products that have not been approved by Märklin and the defects or damage have arisen as a result. The same applies to conversions that are not carried out by Märklin or by workshops authorised by Märklin. In principle, the rebuttable presumption applies in favour of Märklin that the cause of the defects or damage is the aforementioned third-party parts or conversions.
  • The warranty period is not extended by repair or replacement delivery. Warranty claims can be made either directly to the seller or by sending the part to be claimed together with the warranty certificate or the purchase receipt and a defect report directly to the Märklin company. Märklin and the seller assume no liability for any data or settings saved on the product by the customer when accepting repairs. Warranty claims sent in freight collect cannot be accepted.

Purchasing from an official dealer therefore not only guarantees very good advice and comprehensive service, but also reduces the risk of being stuck with the costs incurred in the event of any subsequent complaints.