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In 2009, Märklin celebrated its 150th anniversary. However, from what was initially a fairly broad range of toys, over time the company focused on the manufacture of "electric trains" in various sizes. The outstanding quality of the products made the name Märklin synonymous with model railroading worldwide. Even today, the material metal is an essential element in the manufacture of locomotives, which thereby gain additional value in addition to their proverbial reliability and performance.

Märklin Gauge H0: The majority of Märklin products are manufactured in this 1:87 scale. Thanks to the high operational reliability of the Märklin H0 three-conductor AC system, Märklin has helped to make this size the most widely used in the world. All Märklin H0 locomotives have been digitally controllable as standard since 2000.

Märklin Gauge 1: Märklin builds the "king gauge" of model railroading on a scale of 1:32. Size 1 products are characterized by particularly prototypical detailing and excellent running characteristics which, together with the high weight of the model due to the use of metal, convey a fascinating model railroad experience. Of course, the system provider Märklin also supplies all the track material in gauge 1.

Märklin Gauge Z: It's not only when space is at a premium that model railroaders opt for Gauge Z on a scale of 1:220. In Europe, Märklin is the only large-scale manufacturer of the "smallest", which appeals not only to passionate layout builders but also to collectors and lifestyle enthusiasts of both sexes.

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The Trix company has been producing metal construction sets and electric model trains since the early 1930s. Since 1997, the Trix brand has belonged to the Märklin company.

Trix Gauge H0: Traditionally, the Trix brand is active in the field of DC railroads. In the standard 1:87 scale, Trix maintains its position on the world market through special quality and a special selection of models. Following its origins in the city of Nuremberg, Trix has developed a particular strength in the sector of Bavarian state railway models.

Trix Gauge N - Minitrix: The N gauge in 1:160 scale is the second largest segment in the model railroad market after H0. Trix played a major role in this development as both a traditional and innovative pioneer. Compared to Z gauge, N gauge features better detailing and benefits from a smaller footprint compared to H0.

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Also rich in tradition are the products of the LGB brand, which has belonged to Märklin since 2007. At 1:22.5, the Lehmann large-scale G-gauge railroad represents the largest scale in the Märklin house today. As a weatherproof toy train, LGB models are particularly suitable for outdoor use and offer a lot of recreational and play fun for large and small railroad enthusiasts as a garden train. Swiss narrow gauge railroads and American models in particular are focal points in the LGB program and are therefore also especially in demand in these regions.

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