Help with the App

Digital control of Märklin model trains is effortlessly easy using the "Märklin Mobile Station" App (Smartphones/Tablets) and/or the "Märklin Main Station" App (Tablets/Desktop PCs) by means of iOS and Android terminals. The Apps themselves and additional information about their possibilities can be found in the App StoreSM or Google Playstore™.

The Märklin Central Station must be connected with a WLAN router for external control using a network connection. The WLAN router makes the connection with the terminal.

Setting Up a WLAN in a Network with DSL

Most routers are able to connect to a radio network (WLAN) to which a portable device (Smartphone/Tablet) can be connected.

Call up the software on your PC for the configuration of your router (see the instructions for your modem/router to do this). There you can do the necessary settings for a WLAN (radio network, wireless network, ...).

WLANenableTurn on; assign the network a unique name
DHCPenableTurn on
EncodingWPA2WPA2 currently offers the best security; enter a password in the appropriate location and write it down for safekeeping!

After you have stored the selected settings, the router should be started up again. This is done automatically by many devices. After that, the WLAN should be available and your portable device (Smartphone/Tablet) can be set up on it.

The differences in the operating system between the Main Station App and the Mobile Station App can be found here in the following.

View of the Main Station App (Tablets/Desktop PCs)

In the vertical format, the Main Station App has a larger display for easier operation.
The horizontal format provides more operating elements.

View of the Mobile Station App (Smartphones/Tablets)

The limited screen size makes everything in the view of the Mobile Station App more compact.