Updates for the CS 2

The software for the Central Station 2 is maintained continuously and is being developed further. Ideas from users are accepted, the operation is adjusted, and new functions for even more ease and realistic operation are being added. On this page, you will find the current software to keep your Central Station 2 constantly at the latest level.

An additional program for expanding the operation of the CS2 on your PC screen can be found further down on the page under Point 3.

Information for Users of the Märklin Mobile Station 2 (60653) and Trix Mobile Station 2 (66950):

An update of the Mobile Station is done by connecting it to a Central Station. After that, the Mobile Station will show the current level for the software. Mobile Stations can also be updated among one another starting with Software Version 1.81 for the Mobile Station 2. The Mobile Station 2 must have at least Version 1.83 for locomotives from the new World of Operation.

Note: Software is now included to update the 60653 Mobile Station to Version 3.55.
or Trix 66950/ 66955 to version 3.121.

Central Station 2


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