Model railroad fun as a team

With almost 100 Märklin Insiders and Trix regulars' tables in Germany and Europe, model railroad enthusiasts will find like-minded people to indulge in the most beautiful hobby in the world. They marvel together at models, share technical and layout construction knowledge, maintain locomotives or digitize "old treasures". Many interests, skills and abilities come together here - in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Of course, non-members of the Märklin and Trix Clubs are also welcome at the meetings of the independent associations. Just stop by and have a look.

Statements: Experts, strangers, like-minded people

„It is simply a pleasure to have a nice hobby at the regulars' table with a lot of people, and without any obligation - with us at least everyone can come as they want.“

„You can pursue your hobby there with like-minded people, which is a lot more fun than doing it alone.“

„Many locomotives, which perhaps cannot be repaired or digitally converted on their own, were made ready to operate again by us together.“

„What begins as a pure interest group becomes more: Today I have a friendly relationship with many members beyond model railroads.“

„There are the collectors who can tell you something about each model, then the technicians who, in case of doubt, get each model up and running again, and then the landscapers who are bubbling over with creative ideas.“

„We have members ranging in age from 10 to 83 - if we treat each other respectfully, youthful curiosity, middle-aged action as well as wisdom and knowledge of old age complement each other excellently“