Sound library

Here you can download the sound library for the mDecoderTool. The sound library is expanded by Märklin at irregular intervals, so it is always worth taking a look.

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Find the right sound for your locomotive

Matching the Märklin sound decoders, there is a collection with the finished sound projects of all Märklin, Trix and LGB locomotives that are equipped ex works with an mSD or mSD3 decoder. In addition, we provide you with a library of individual sounds that you can use for your own sound projects. To use the sounds, you need the software with which you also programme your mSD3 decoders: the Märklin Decoder Tool, mDT3 for short. Download the decoder tool free of charge from our website. Visit the download area at There you will find instructions for installing mDT3 as well as the link to the individual sound library.  You can then download the finished sound projects for e.g. your class 44 directly from the Märklin server within the tool.

If you are looking for sounds for a specific model or series, then the product search on our website is the ideal solution for you. Here you can easily search for your desired product and find the appropriate sound on the product detail page under "Downloads". We hope that this will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily!

Expand your sound options

The sound in factory decoders of Märklin models (Märklin/Trix/LGB) cannot be changed/recorded with the means available to an end customer. End customers who wish to adapt or modify the sound can do so at appropriately by appropriately equipped and technically trained dealers. Each dealer is free to decide whether and how he charges for the service.