175 Jahre Schweizer Bahn - Modelle von Märklin und Trix

Danish Litra E in H0

An absolute highlight model.
For the 175th anniversary of the railway in Denmark, Märklin and Trix are presenting the type Pacific steam locomotive in H0 gauge.

  • Completely new tooling
  • Especially intricate metal construction
  • Factory-installed smoke unit
  • Many digital functions

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Litra E in H0 / The Story

The Big One from Way up North

The most beautiful steam locomotive on the Danish State Railways (DSB) was the class (Litra) E. It originated among eleven Pacific express locomotives of the Swedish State Railways (SJ) class F, which disappeared from service in 1937 due to increasing electrification. The DSB was able to acquire these powerful locomotives and then roster them as road numbers E 964–974. Starting in 1940, the DSB urgently needed additional powerful steam locomotives and so it had another 25 class E locomotives built with small improvements by Frichs in Aarhus as road numbers E 975–999. These Pacifics maintained their role pulling passenger and freight trains up into the Sixties. However, one after the other they were put into storage. Several units were preserved however, including road number E 991 as an official DSB museum locomotive.

The Litra E by Märklin and Trix

Die neue Litra E 991 von Märklin und Trix - Bild 1
Die neue Litra E 991 von Märklin und Trix - Bild 2
Die neue Litra E 991 von Märklin und Trix - Bild 3

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