BR 260 (V60) | Gauge 1 - Article No. 54105

"Mail Traffic" Train Set.

Prototype: German Federal Postal Service class 260 diesel switch engine.

"Mail Traffic" Train Set.
"Mail Traffic" Train Set.

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Article No.54105
Gauge / Design type 1 /
KindTrain Sets
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  • Product description

    Model: Train set consists of a three-axle switch engine and 2 different freight cars. Locomotive features: Three-axle design. All axles powered through the side rods. Center axle equipped with 2 traction tires. Diecast zinc body. Built-in digital high-efficiency propulsion for operation with AC power, DC power or with Märklin DELTA/Digital. Adjustable maximum speed. Adjustable acceleration / braking delay. Built-in TELEX couplers front and rear for automatic uncoupling of cars coupled to the locomotive. These couplers will work only in Digital operation. Doors that can be opened. Car features: One each two-axle boxcar and a low side car with a container as a load. Sliding doors on the sides of the boxcar that can be opened. Walls on the sides of the low side car are removable. Container can be removed from the low side car. Doors that can be opened at one end of the container. An assortment of items for play value including play postage stamps, an ink stamp with an ink pad as well as cardboard box flats supplement this set. Locomotive and cars are not available separately in this version. Minimum radius required for operation 600 mm / 23-5/8*. Train length 90.5 cm / 35-5/8*.

  • Publications

    - Product programme 2001 / 2002 - Product programme 2002 / 2003


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