Quality Control Management at Märklin

Honored Again

Spielzeug und Wirklichkeit – Historical Catalog

Munich /Göppingen, July 2019 – The quality control management at Märklin was confirmed to be in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 as part of an inspection audit by the TÜV Süd or Technical Inspection Authority, Southern Region.
More detailed information about the certificate can be found at: www.tuev-sued.de/ms-zert

Märklin undergoes the certification process regularly in order to have the quality of its production and performance tested by external parties. In July 2019 Märklin was able to fulfilling the criteria of the Norm ISO 9001:2015 for the areas of development, manufacturing, distribution, and service for model trains and replicas in a quality control management system again. This was in the summary of the results of the audit for TÜV Süd Management, Inc. in Munich.

"We are very pleased that the quality control work done here at Märklin has been confirmed again by TÜV Süd", said CEO Florian Sieber. COO Wolfrad Bächle, active in the Göppingen firm for 29 years, added, "This proves once again that Märklin – rooted in the tradition of the 160 year old firm's history – fulfills the quality control requirements for toys in the present. Quality and service have always been core values of Märklin's operations, as a look at a catalog from 1930 will reveal." There you can read, "The purchase of mechanical metal toys is purely a matter of trust. No doubt, the practicality of the design and the solidity of the construction can be recognized at the time of purchase. The purchaser is referred to the reputation of a brand regarding how well the product works."

The newly certified quality control management system ensures that model trains from Märklin continue to be the product of "decades of experience, outstanding manufacturing equipment, and well trained personnel". Florian Sieber places emphasis in the future "on a high level of engineering know-how, paired with the work of talented hands. Our goal is always to offer our customers solutions of the highest level for the times."