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Doing a search with the Märklin product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2000/2001.

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Gs, Klm, Zs, Kbs,

Set with 24 Freight Cars in a Display.

Article No. 00759
Gauge H0
Eaos, Kbs, Gbs, Tank

Set with 24 Freight Cars in the Display "Era V".

Article No. 00760
Gauge H0
AByg, Byg, BDyg

Display with 16 "Umbauwagen / Rebuild Cars".

Article No. 00764
Gauge H0
lbdlps 383, Eaos, DB

"Red Marker Lights" Display with 12 Freight Cars.

Article No. 00767
Gauge H0
Mercedes W114/W115, C114, W116, C107

Set with 40 Model Automobiles in the "Auto Plant" Display.

Article No. 00771
Gauge H0
Gbs 256 (Glmms 64), DB

"Sheet Piling Wall Cars" Display with 20 Freight Cars.

Article No. 00779
Gauge H0
Fad 167

Display with 12 Type Fad 167 Hopper Cars.

Article No. 00797
Gauge H0

Truck with Tarp Cover.

Article No. 18101
Gauge ----------
BR 141 DB Karlsruher Zug

"Karlsruhe Train" S-Bahn Prototype.

Article No. 26410
Gauge H0