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BR 218 DB

Diesel Locomotive.

Article No. 39183
Gauge H0
BR 218, DB

Class 218 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 39186
Gauge H0
BR 210, DB

Class 210 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 39188
Gauge H0
BR 210 DB

Diesel Locomotive.

Article No. 39189
Gauge H0
BR 119 DB

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 39191
Gauge H0

Class 120 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 39200
Gauge H0
Article in stock. 419,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
BR 01.5, DR/DDR

Steam Express Locomotive with a Tender.

Article No. 39206
Gauge H0

Class 01.5 Steam Locomotive

Article No. 39209
Gauge H0

Class 212 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 39212
Gauge H0