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Kmmks 51 DB

Display with 20 Type Kmmks 51 Freight Cars.

Article No. 00765
Gauge H0

Straight Track

Article No. 24360
Gauge H0
Article in stock. 6,49 € RRP, incl. Tax

Train Set.

Article No. 26340
Gauge H0

"Blue Bird" Passenger Train.

Article No. 26490
Gauge H0
BR 185.5, HVLE

"HVLE/VTG" Train Set.

Article No. 26571
Gauge H0
BR 223 "ALEX"

"ALEX" Train Set.

Article No. 26572
Gauge H0
V 36.2 DB + Bi + ABi + Pwif-41/52

"Commuter Service" Train Set.

Article No. 26577
Gauge H0
BR 74.10, DR

"East German Commuter Service" Train Set.

Article No. 26586
Gauge H0
BR 55, Dampfschneeschleuder, DB

Snow Clearing Train with a Steam Powered Rotary Snowplow.

Article No. 26833
Gauge H0
BR E 94 / BR 01.10, DB

"Era III" Starter Set. 230 Volts.

Article No. 29094
Gauge H0