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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
60760 Digital High Efficiency Propulsion Set. (c 90 neu) Manual
6083 k 83 Decoder. (Decoder k 83)
60830 k 83 Decoder. (Decoder k 83) Manual
60831 m 83 Decoder (Decoder m83) Manual Information
60840 k 84 Decoder. (Decoder k 84) Manual
60841 m 84 Decoder (Decoder m84) Manual Information
6088 s 88 Decoder. (Rückmeldemodul S 88) Manual
60881 s 88 Decoder (Decoder s 88 (RJ45).) Manual
60883 L 88 (Link s 88) (Decoder L88 (Link s 88).) Manual Information
60903 High-Efficiency Propulsion Conversion Kit. Manual
60905 High-Efficiency Electronic Circuit. (Hochleistungselektronik) Manual
60906 AC/DC märklin Locomotive Decoder (LokDecoder Allstrom) Manual
60921 mfx High-Efficiency Propulsion Kit. (mfx-Antriebsset) Manual
60922 mfx High-Performance Electronic Circuit. (Decoder) Manual
60923 mfx High-Efficiency Propulsion Kit. (Decoder) Manual
60924 mfx High-Efficiency Propulsion Kit. (Decoder) Manual
60940 märklin SoundDecoder mSD Special. (Märklin SoundDecoder-Spezial) Manual
60942 märklin mLD LocomotiveDecoder. (Nachrüstdecoder-Set) Manual
60943 High-Efficiency Motor Upgrade Set (Nachrüst-Set) Manual
60944 High-Efficiency Motor Upgrade Set (Nachrüstset Motor) Manual
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