Updates for the CS 2

The software for the Central Station 2 is maintained continuously and is being developed further. Ideas from users are accepted, the operation is adjusted, and new functions for even more ease and realistic operation are being added. On this page, you will find the current software to keep your Central Station 2 constantly at the latest level.

An additional program for expanding the operation of the CS2 on your PC screen can be found further down on the page under Point 3.

Information for Users of the Märklin Mobile Station 2 (60653) and Trix Mobile Station 2 (66950):

An update of the Mobile Station is done by connecting it to a Central Station. After that, the Mobile Station will show the current level for the software. Mobile Stations can also be updated among one another starting with Software Version 1.81 for the Mobile Station 2. The Mobile Station 2 must have at least Version 1.83 for locomotives from the new World of Operation.

Note: Software is now included to update the 60653 Mobile Station to Version 2.7.

Central Station 2

1 - Online Update for the Central Station 2

As of July 05, 2017 - Version 4.2

Current information about the new functions in Software Version 4.2 (pdf).
The best way to get a fast CS2 update is to connect the CS2 directly to a network with Internet access (example: at the network output for the router). This offers the advantage of always receiving the newest update for the CS2. A USB update is not offered at the same time for technical reasons.

When an update is done by means of the network, the CS2 is automatically checked for files already on it from earlier updates. Only files that have actually been changed are transferred to the CS2. In terms of time, this takes place faster than a USB update where you first have to download all of the files and copy them onto a USB stick.

Important: Please note that older software versions of the CS2 have to be started again after the CS2 has been connected to the network! The update can be started as soon as the CS2 has contact with the network (This is recognized by the blinking of the yellow and green LEDs).

To do this go to "setup : CS2 : Update program " or "setup : CS2 : Update : network". All versions of the CS2 (even v1.x) can be provided with an update in this manner. The network update of earlier versions (before 3.6) to 3.8 requires that you initiate the update procedure at least twice. 

•   The first update runs relatively fast. After this update, the CS2 restarts. The software version remains at the previous level.

•   Depending on the previous software version, it may be that the CS2 has to restart. After that, start the update procedure again.

•   With the second update, the extensive files necessary for 4.2 are transferred first. Please follow the progress in the text window.

•   The update procedure can take a considerable amount of time when the CS2 first has to create space on its internal memory.

•   If the update should stop because the connection is interrupted, then repeat the update.

Duration of update: Note that the update takes a long time. All pictures of the play area are replayed and the times for the update are at least 30 to 45 min. The update can be found in the Download Area after confirmation of the license agreement.

2 - USB-Stick Update for the Central Station 2

The current software version for the USB update is 4.2 (with GFP 3.27).

If you cannot update the CS2 by means of the network, an update to Software Version 4.2 can be installed with a USB stick. To do this, proceed as follows:

•   Download the file cs2update.img (135 MB) and store them on a USB stick in the main register. The file CS2 Update (cs2update.img) can be found in the Download Area at the top after confirmation of the license agreement.

•   Plug the USB stick into a Central Station ready for operation and then call up the function setup : CS2 : [program update] or setup : CS2 : update : [USB stick] in the Setup for the Central Station.

•   The exact process for the USB update is explained in the document CS2_update_Info_above_3_6_english.pdf (2 MB).

Note: After that, you cannot install one of the older updates again! This USB update also includes the MS2 update Version 2.7.

3 - Computer Interface for the Central Station 2

Free Computer Software

Operate your Central Station easily and in comfort from a PC. The complete functionality of the Central Station can be called up on a PC. The PC software enables remote control of locomotives, working models, turnouts, signals, routes, and much more from a PC, Netbook, Notebook, or Tablet computer. In addition, there are other features such as a master function for layout configuration. Several accessory controller, Keyboard, Memory, and track diagram windows can be represented at the same time on a PC, which provides clear advantages for the control of larger layouts. The display of engineer's cabs in the World of Operation mfx+ mode are especially impressive on the screen windows. In addition, the window size for track diagrams is scalable and several World of Operation locomotive controllers can be called up in parallel.

Note about Simulation Mode: The software will also run without the Central Station in the simulation mode on the PC. This means anyone can easily get an impression of the variety of functions on the Central Station.

Simple Installation: Central Station 2 Computer Software for Windows PC or Apple

The software can be loaded on the PC easily by means of a download. The program is free and can be operated with a mouse or by means of a touch screen depending on the computer. The PC software is suitable for computers with the Windows operating system (recommended for Windows 7 and higher). In addition, the CS2 computer software works on an Apple PC with the operating system Mac OS X and higher and with an Intel Platform.

The software CS2_setup.exe for the Windows operating system and the software CS2.dmg for the Mac operating system can be found here in the download area (please accept the licensing terms).


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