Reihe Da, Serie Ce 6/8 III | Gauge H0 - Article No. 31100

Electric Locomotive Double Set

Märklin is joining the celebration: Two side rod electric locomotives with the character of a cult are meeting each other in Sweden for the 100th anniversary of main line electric railroad operation in Sweden. The class Ce 6/8 III Swiss "Crocodile", road number 14305, is visiting a Swedish class Da side rod electric locomotive, road number 903. Two Märklin classics from the Fifties are celebrating their rebirth on this anniversary in the form of these two models as a double set in a one-time special edition. And the best thing: The Da 903 in the prototype is also going to be in a fir green paint scheme for the anniversary.

Prototype: 2 different design electric locomotives. 1 Swedish State Railways (SJ) class Da with the road number 903. 1 Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) class Ce 6/8 III "Crocodile" freight locomotive with the road number 14305. Both locomotives have a fir green basic paint scheme. The locomotives look as they currently do in 2015.

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Electric Locomotive Double Set
Electric Locomotive Double Set

Most Important Facts

Article No. 31100
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Era VI
Kind Electric Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.
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  • The Swedish Da meets the Swiss Crocodile for the anniversary of 100 years of the first Swedish State Railways' (SJ) electrified rail line in 1915.
  • Reissue of two Märklin classics from the Fifties.
  • Heavy metal construction.
  • Both locomotives include an mfx decoder.
  • Worldwide limited to 3,000 sets.
  • Consecutively numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • Product description

    Model: Reissue of two Märklin classics from the Fifties.
    Swedish Da: This model is based on Märklin item number 3019. It has an mfx digital decoder. It also has controlled propulsion. 3 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive has triple headlights that change over with the direction of travel. They will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The locomotive body and frame are constructed of metal. The Märklin name and the item number are in relief on the locomotive body. Relex couplers are present on both ends of the locomotive. Length over the buffers 14.7 cm / 5-3/4".
    Swiss Crocodile: This model is based on Märklin item number 3015. It has an mfx digital decoder. It also has controlled propulsion and a large centrally mounted motor. 6 axles and 2 jackshafts powered. Traction tires. The locomotive has an articulated frame to negotiate curves well. It also features heavy metal construction with a 3-part metal body and hoods that can swing from side to side. The locomotive has triple headlights that change over with the direction of travel. They will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The Märklin name and the item number are in relief on the locomotive's center part. Relex couplers are present on both ends of the locomotive. Length over the buffers 26.6 cm / 10-1/2".
    Both locomotives are packaged individually with a colored representation of each locomotive on its respective packaging. This is based on the historic packaging for the models in question. There is also a master package in a style befitting these models.

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    This exclusive double locomotive set is being produced in a one-time series on the occasion of the Swedish State Railways' (SJ) first electrified rail line 100 years ago and the historic trip of a Swiss Crocodile to Sweden to the meeting there with a Swedish class Da. Delivery is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2016.

  • Publications

    - Fall New Items 2015 - Product programme 2015/2016
  • Prototype information

    Electric Locomotive Double Set with the SJ Da 903 and the SBB Ce 6/8 III 14305 "Crocodile" The big anniversary event on September 12/13, 2015 in the Swedish town of Gävle for the 100th anniversary of electric main line operation in Sweden offers the unusual meeting of two cult locomotives. The section of the Swedish ore line between Kiruna and Riksgränsen was finally under wire as early as 1915. The railroad museum in Gävle has a multitude of mostly Swedish electric locomotives as a rendezvous for this anniversary. The visit of the SBB Historic Swiss Crocodile Ce 6/8 III 14305 forms a special high point for this. The locomotive is being transferred from Olten (Switzerland) via Rostock (Germany) and Trelleborg (Sweden) to the Swedish town of Ängelholm. From there it will run on September 6/7 under its own power with special trains to Gävle. A special run from Stockholm to Gävle follows on the anniversary on Saturday. The trip back to Switzerland begins on September 15/16 also with special trains from Stockholm via Malmö to Ängelholm. At the anniversary in Gävle, the "Crocodile" will also meet up with the Swedish side road locomotive Da 903, also viewed as a cult locomotive. The latter was specially painted in fir green for Märklin and thereby corresponds to the paint scheme for the legendary historic Märklin model 3019. Road number Ce 6/8 III 14305 comes from the second series of the Gotthard freight locomotives, because constantly increasing freight service had caused the SBB to order another 18 "Crocodiles" in 1926/27 as road numbers Ce 6/8III 14301-14318. They had greater performance with 1,809 instead of 1,647 kilowatts / 2,426 instead of 2,209 horsepower and their power trucks now had Winterthur diagonal rod drive by means of an intermediate jackshaft. In the mid-Fifties, their maximum speed could be lifted from 65 to 75 km/h / 41 to 47 mph and they were consequently thus changed in designation to Be 6/8III 13301-13318. The Swedish class Da side rod locomotives are newer units. Due to the increasing need for electric locomotives arising from further electrification of rail lines, the SJ at the end of the Forties urgently needed additional locomotives. The SJ thus decided to revive the proven class D as a side rod driven electric locomotive with the wheel arrangement 2-6-2 even though it had been technically surpassed by that time. The basic superstructure of the new class "Da" was the same as its predecessors: The locomotive was powered by two single-phase series-wound motors that transmitted their power by means of a gear case to the jackshaft between the three driving wheel sets. The latter were connected by means of side rods to the powered jackshaft. The driving wheel sets, bearings, and the traction motors were newly designed. The windows now equipped with rubber seals now gave a modern look. Ninety-three (93) units were built by ASEA between 1953 and 1960. In the late Eighties, the SJ began to draw these locomotives from service, and by the mid Nineties, all of them were scrapped except for a few exceptions. Several units have survived in museums as well as on privately owned railroads.

  • Digital Functions

    Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2*
    Mobile Station 2**
    Direct control
    Direct control

    * New features of the Central Station 2 (Part No. 60213, 60214 or 60215) with the software update 4.2

    ** New features of the Mobile Station 2 (Part No. 60657/66955) with the Software Update 3.55


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