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Welcome to the online area of the Märklin Magazin. The Märklin Magazin has developed further visually and in terms of content with issue 1/2014. We have again clearly expanded the service part and the communication area for you. This strengthened service area is also reflected in the Download Area.(only in german language)

As usual, you will find additional information here such as current track plans. In the future, you can also download current series and topic specials here too – such as about the new m83 digital decoder. Starting right now, you also have the possibility of downloading additional images that could not be included in the magazine for space reasons – such as additional layout images from our Märklin fans.

The cover page image and the table of contents for the current Märklin Magazin show you online what to expect in the magazine. We have kept the ability to get information about older issues.

As in the past, we are offering our advertising partners and interested parties the current media information about the Märklin Magazin as a download in the area Imprint.

We hope you will have a lot of fun reading the Märklin Magazin and visiting our Web pages.

Here you will find the overview of topics from the current issue. (Just in German)

Current Issue: 04/2020
Current Issue: 04-05/2020



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