Digital driving with CS3 (Software 1.x)

Welcome to the website of "Digital driving with CS3 (Software 1.x)" - your guide to the new digital Märklin control centre.

This book in DIN A4 format offers a comprehensive introduction to the construction and control of model railway systems with the new Central Station 3. With a comfortable touch screen, modern user interface, powerful processor power and distinctive network capabilities, the CS3 is an impressively powerful and at the same time easy to use control centre that routinely manages a complete system. On 208 pages, this bookazine with understandable information and detailed explanations of projects will help you get started with the extended model railway possibilities for small and large installations.

"The multi-train control - Digital drive with the Central Station 3" (article number 03082) is available from your Märklin dealer or on

In the download area you will find additional articles on the topics S88 and sound, various connection diagrams as well as further elements on the system with staging yard presented in the book.