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Doing a search with the Märklin product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2000/2001.

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V 100.10, DB

Diesel Locomotive.

Article No. 37003
Gauge H0
BR 52, DB

Steam Locomotive.

Article No. 37175
Gauge H0
Serie ELD4

Electric Rail Car Train

Article No. 37423
Gauge H0
BR 44, DB

Steam Locomotive with a Tender.

Article No. 37895
Gauge H0
BR 101

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 39372
Gauge H0

Tank Car Set.

Article No. 46533
Gauge H0
Transthermos, Ibblps 379, DB

"Transthermos" Refrigerator Car Set.

Article No. 47322
Gauge H0

H0 Christmas Car for 2013

Article No. 48413
Gauge H0

"Silberlinge" Commuter Car Set

Article No. 58341
Gauge 1