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Fad-50 / OOtz

Set with 5 "Langer Heinrich" / "Long Henry" Ore Cars.

Article No. 46255
Gauge H0
SSw 07

Flat Car with Trucks.

Article No. 46285
Gauge H0
Rkmp 656

Flat Car with "UNIMOG" Vehicles.

Article No. 46286
Gauge H0
Fds + Fds + Fds

Set with 3 Dump Cars.

Article No. 46315
Gauge H0

Tank Car

Article No. 46450
Gauge H0

Tank Car.

Article No. 46451
Gauge H0
VTG / Statoil

Pressure Gas Tank Car.

Article No. 46558
Gauge H0

Set with 3 Silo Container Cars.

Article No. 46617
Gauge H0
Kbs 443

Stake Car with a Bus.

Article No. 46940
Gauge H0