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Wagen-Set Baureihe VT 11.5

Set with 3 Intermediate Cars.

Article No. 87933
Gauge Z
BR 53 Borsig

Steam Locomotive with a Condensation Tender.

Article No. 88053
Gauge Z
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Class J-2 NYC

Streamlined Steam Locomotive.

Article No. 88075
Gauge Z
Reihe P 10

Steam Locomotive with a Tender.

Article No. 88093
Gauge Z

Steam Locomotive with a Tender.

Article No. 88123
Gauge Z
BR E 50

Electric Locomotive.

Article No. 88575
Gauge Z
Serie 1600 CFL

Diesel Locomotive.

Article No. 88631
Gauge Z
BR VT 11.5

Diesel Powered Rail Car Train.

Article No. 88733
Gauge Z

Diesel Powered Rail Car.

Article No. 88872
Gauge Z
Rh 2016 ÖBB

Diesel Locomotive.

Article No. 88881
Gauge Z