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Truck with Tarp Cover.

Article No. 18101
Gauge ----------
BR 141 DB Karlsruher Zug

"Karlsruhe Train" S-Bahn Prototype.

Article No. 26410
Gauge H0
BR 23 mit Umbauwagen

Article No. 26503
Gauge H0
BR 140 DB Wendezug

Push/Pull Train for Commuter Service.

Article No. 26511
Gauge H0
BR 110 DB

Express Train Set.

Article No. 26512
Gauge H0
BR 121/122 SNCB

Push/Pull Train for Commuter Service.

Article No. 26530
Gauge H0
Serie Re 4/4 II

SBB Commuter Train.

Article No. 26534
Gauge H0
BR 280 + Personenwagen

"Bamberg" Commuter Train: Diesel Locomotive with 3 Passenger Cars.

Article No. 26541
Gauge H0
Wendezug, DB

Commuter Shuttle Train.

Article No. 26543
Gauge H0