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Train Set.

Article No. 26340
Gauge H0

"Blue Bird" Passenger Train.

Article No. 26490
Gauge H0
Alco PA-1, Delaware & Hudson

"Montreal Limited" Passenger Train.

Article No. 26495
Gauge H0
Diesellok F 7, A-B-B

Santa Fe Super Chief.

Article No. 26496
Gauge H0

Article No. 26504
Gauge H0
BR E 18 DR

Article No. 26509
Gauge H0
BR 44 + Fad-50

"Lange Heinrich" / "Long Henry" Heavy Ore Train.

Article No. 26536
Gauge H0
BR 38.10-40 DB

"Leig-Einheit / Leig Unit" Train Set.

Article No. 26549
Gauge H0
BR 03, DB

Article No. 26554
Gauge H0
BR 89.70-75, DB

Branch Line Passenger Train.

Article No. 26555
Gauge H0