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Doing a search with the Märklin product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2000/2001.

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Electric Locomotive

Article No. 88113
Gauge Z
BR 132, DR

Heavy Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 88134
Gauge Z

Class 798 Powered Rail Car

Article No. 88167
Gauge Z
BR 998 DB rot

Rail Bus Trailer.

Article No. 8817
Gauge Z

Article No. 88179
Gauge Z
Article in stock. 359,99 € RRP, incl. Tax
EMD F 7, General Motors

American Diesel-Electric Locomotive as a Three-Unit Combination

Article No. 88198
Gauge Z
BR 221 DB rot/blaugrau

Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive.

Article No. 8820
Gauge Z

Class 220 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 88206
Gauge Z
Article not yet in stock. 215,00 € RRP, incl. Tax

Class 212 Diesel Locomotive

Article No. 88214
Gauge Z
Article not yet in stock. 189,00 € RRP, incl. Tax
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