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Baumaschinen CASE

Sales Package for H0 CASE Construction Machinery.

Article No. 00783
Gauge H0

"Circus Mondolino" Display.

Article No. 00790
Gauge H0
Pwi-30, Pwi-23, ABi-28, Bi-30, B3, AB-21, Bd-21b, DB

"Passenger Commuter Service" Display with 20 Cars.

Article No. 00792
Gauge H0
Gl "Dresden" DB

Display with 20 "Dresden" Freight Cars.

Article No. 00794
Gauge H0
Fad 167

Display with 12 Type Fad 167 Hopper Cars.

Article No. 00797
Gauge H0

Display with 20 Tank Cars.

Article No. 00798
Gauge H0
Res 676 Shimmns 718 ÖBB

Set with 16 Freight Cars in a Display.

Article No. 00799
Gauge H0