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Doing a search with the Märklin product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2000/2001.

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Mercedes O302, L2624, L311, U406

Set with 32 Model Vehicles in the "Auto Plant" Display.

Article No. 00772
Gauge H0
Ghs "Oppeln" DB

Display with 20 "Oppeln" Freight Cars.

Article No. 00773
Gauge H0
AB4yge B4yge BD4yge DB

Display with 16 “Umbauwagen” / “Rebuild” Cars.

Article No. 00774
Gauge H0
Langer Heinrich Fads-50/OOtz DB

Set with 12 Freight Cars in the Display "Der Lange Heinrich"/"Long Henry".

Article No. 00775
Gauge H0
Avümh 111 Apümh 121 ARDümh 105 WRümh 132 DB

"Blauer Enzian" / "Blue Gentian" TEE 55/56 Car Display.

Article No. 00776
Gauge H0
Sahmms 709 Samms 709 DB AG

Set with 12 Heavy-Duty Flat Cars in a Display.

Article No. 00778
Gauge H0
Gbs 256 (Glmms 64), DB

"Sheet Piling Wall Cars" Display with 20 Freight Cars.

Article No. 00779
Gauge H0
Claas Farmmaschinen

Farm Machinery Sales Package.

Article No. 00780
Gauge H0