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The spare parts lists for our products are a helpful reference guide for repairing, maintaining and maintaining the value of your models. In contrast to printed lists, our electronic lists include current changes in part numbers, prices and availability immediately.

3732 Items found with service information available.
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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
24900 C1 C Track Extension Set (C-Gleis-Ergänzungspackung C1.) Sparepartslist Manual Information
24902 C Track C2 Extension Set (Ergänzungspackung C2) Sparepartslist Manual
24903 C Track C3 Track Extension Set (Gleisergänzung) Sparepartslist Manual
24904 C Track C4 Track Extension Set (C-Gleis-Ergänzung) Sparepartslist Manual
24905 C Track C5 Track Extension Set (C-Gleis-Ergänzungspackung C5) Sparepartslist Manual
24978 Track End with a Bumper 77,5 mm + 5 mm Sparepartslist Manual
24995 Contact Track Set 94,2 mm Manual
24997 Uncoupler Track 94,2 mm (Entkupplungsgleis) Manual
26001 Märklin Mobile Vision. (Mobile Vision) Manual
26194 Train Set with a Class ET 194 Freight Powered Rail Car ( ET 194 (ex LAG 895) (DRG)) Sparepartslist Manual Order spare parts
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