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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
48164H0 Insider Annual Car for 2014. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2014)Sparepartslist
48166H0 Insider Annual Car for 2016 (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2016)Sparepartslist
48167H0 Insider Annual Car for 2017 (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2017)Sparepartslist
48250"SKW Trostberg Carbide Cylinder Cars" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Carbid-Flaschenwagen SKW Trostberg´)Sparepartslist
48251Märklin Magazin H0 Annual Car for 2002 (Märklin Magazin-H0-Jahreswagen 2002)Sparepartslist
48252Carbide Container Car. (Carbid-Flaschenwagen)Sparepartslist
48261Container Coach. (Behälterwagen)Sparepartslist
48270"Coal Transport" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Kohletransport")Sparepartslist
48271Set - 2 Container Cars. (Set - 2 Behälterwagen)Sparepartslist
48272Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen RAG)Sparepartslist
48273Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen F-zz 131)Sparepartslist
48274Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen Fb-zz 131)Sparepartslist
48281Beer Car. (Bierwagen)Sparepartslist
48282Beer Refrigerator Car. (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48283Beer Refrigerator Car. (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48290Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)Sparepartslist
48291Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)SparepartslistManual
48292Set with 2 Torpedo Ladle Cars. (Set mit 2 Torpedopfannenwagen Typ 8008 EuH)Sparepartslist
48293Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)SparepartslistManual
48294Torpedo Ladle Car. (Bauart DB P, Krupp AG)SparepartslistManualInformation
48295Heavy Duty Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48311Boxcar. (Gedeckter Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
48370Sliding Wall Boxcar Set. (Schiebewandwagen-Set Hbis)Sparepartslist
48406H0 Christmas Car for 2006. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2006 R 02)Sparepartslist
48408H0 Christmas Car for 2008. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2008 X05 "Erfurt")Sparepartslist
48409H0 Gauge Christmas Car for 2009. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2009)Sparepartslist
48410H0 Christmas Car for 2010. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2010)Sparepartslist
48411H0 Christmas Car for 2011. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2011 OOt)Sparepartslist
48412H0 Christmas Car for 2012. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2012)Sparepartslist
48413H0 Christmas Car for 2013 (Weihnachtswagen HO 2013)Sparepartslist