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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
42920Eurofima Passenger Car (Reisezugwagen Eurofima)Sparepartslist
42932Commuter Service Baggage Car. (Nahverkehrs-Gepäckwagen)Sparepartslist
42942 (Wagen-Set ´Riviera-Express´)Sparepartslist
42943Express Train Passenger Car Set. (Schnellzugwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
42953Set of 3 "alex" Express Train Passenger Cars. (Set 3 Schnellzugwagen "alex")Sparepartslist
42954"ALEX" Express Train Passenger Car. (Schnellzugwagen „ALEX“)Sparepartslist
42971Dining Car. (Speisewagen)Sparepartslist
42972Express Train Passenger Car. (Schnellzugwagen)Sparepartslist
42973Express Train Passenger Car. (Schnellzugwagen)SparepartslistManual
42980Inter-Zone Express Train Passenger Car Set, Type Y/B 70. (Typ Y/B 70, DR/DDR)Manual