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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
02420Smoke Fluid (Dampföl)Manual
02421 (Dampföl leicht)Manual
10891"Tower Slewing Crane" Metal Construction Set. (Metallbaukasten)Manual
16051Steam Engine (Dampfmaschine)SparepartslistManual
16064"Jolanda" Propeller-Driven Steam Ship. (Schraubendampfer)SparepartslistManual
18970Swivel Plow Set. (Lokomobile, Dampfpflug)Manual
19043"Märklin" Model Delivery Truck Replica. Manual
20612Right Turnout (Weiche rechts.)SparepartslistManual
23300Plastic Track Extension Set. (Kunststoffgleis-Ergänzungspackung)Manual
29370"Freight Train Kit" Starter Set. (Click and Mix) (Startpackung "Güterzug" (Click and Mix))SparepartslistManualInformation