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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
02420 Smoke Fluid (Dampföl) Manual
02421 Smoke Fluid (Dampföl leicht) Manual
10891 "Tower Slewing Crane" Metal Construction Set. (Metallbaukasten) Manual
16051 Steam Engine (Dampfmaschine) Sparepartslist Manual
16064 "Jolanda" Propeller-Driven Steam Ship. (Schraubendampfer) Sparepartslist Manual
18970 Swivel Plow Set. (Lokomobile, Dampfpflug) Manual
19043 "Märklin" Model Delivery Truck Replica. Manual
20612 Right Turnout (Weiche rechts.) Sparepartslist Manual
23300 Plastic Track Extension Set. (Kunststoffgleis-Ergänzungspackung) Manual
29370 "Freight Train Kit" Starter Set. (Click and Mix) (Startpackung "Güterzug" (Click and Mix)) Sparepartslist Manual Information
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