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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
56081Track Circuit Switch. (Gleisabschalter)Manual
6002230 volts. 52 VA. Transformer. (Transformer 52 VA)Manual
6005260 VA Transformer, 230 Volts. (Transformer 60 VA)SparepartslistManual
6006160 VA Switched Mode Power Pack, 230 Volts (Schaltnetzteil)Manual
6006550 VA Switched Mode Power Pack, 120 Volts (Schaltnetzteil 50 VA, 120 Volt.)Manual
60101100 VA, 220-240 Volt Switched Mode Power Pack (Schaltnetzteil 100 W)Manual
60112Digital Connector Box for 1 Gauge (Digital-Anschlussbox Spur 1)Manual
60113Digital Connector Box (Digital-Anschlussbox H0)Manual
60114Digital Connector Box for 1 Gauge (Anschlussbox)Manual
60116Digital Connector Box (Anschlussbox)Manual