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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
72240 Märklin my world – Rerailer (Aufgleishilfe (Märklin my world)) Manual
7226 Smoke Unit Kit, Diameter 5 mm / 3/16" (Rauchsatz) Manual
72270 Smoke Unit Kit, Diameter 3.5 mm / 1/8" (Rauchsatz) Manual
7244 Universal Relay (UFS) Manual
72441 Brake Module. (Bremsmodul) Manual
72442 Braking Module Manual
72452 Märklin Start up – Container Terminal (Manuelles Containerterminal) Manual
7262 Truss Bridge (Gitterbrücke.) Sparepartslist Manual
7263 Arched Bridge (Bogenbrücke.) Sparepartslist Manual
7267 Curved Ramp (Gebogenes Rampenstück.) Sparepartslist Manual
7268 Straight Ramp (Gerades Rampenstück.) Sparepartslist Manual
7269 Curved Ramp. (Gebogenes Rampenstück) Manual
72700 Building Kit of a Water Tower. (Bausatz Wasserturm) Manual
72710 Control Box with a Feedback Function (Stellpult) Manual
72720 Control Box (Schaltpult) Manual
72751 Märklin Start up - Signal Control Box (Signal-Schaltpult) Sparepartslist Manual
72752 Turnout Control Box (Start up Assortment) (Weichen-Stellpult) Sparepartslist Manual
72797 "Märklingen" Train Station Kit. Manual
7286 Remote Control Turntable (Drehscheibe) Sparepartslist Manual
72883 Locomotive Shed Kit. (Bausatz Lokschuppen) Manual
72886 Locomotive Shed Kit (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen.) Manual
72889 Locomotive Shed Expansion Kit (Ergänzungsbausatz Lokomotivschuppen.) Manual
72891 Locomotive Shed Kit. (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen) Manual
72896 Building Kit of a Locomotive Shed for Small Locomotives. (Bausatz Kleinlokschuppen) Manual
72897 Building Kit of a Locomotive Shed. (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen) Manual
72900 Building Kit of a Transformer Station. (Bausatz Transformatorenhaus) Manual
7292 (Vollautomatischer Bahnübergang) Manual
7294 Remote Control Transfer Table. (Ferngesteuerte Schiebebühne) Sparepartslist Manual
72941 Remote Control Transfer Table (Schiebebühne) Sparepartslist Manual
73140 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Sparepartslist Manual
73141 LED Lighting Kit (LED-Innenbeleuchtung) Sparepartslist Manual
73150 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Manual
73155 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Sparepartslist Manual
7316 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Manual
73161 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Manual
7319 Current-Conducting Close Coupler Drawbars (Stromführende Kurzkupplungen) Sparepartslist Manual Information
7320 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Sparepartslist Manual
7322 Lighting Kit. (Innenbeleuchtung.) Manual
7323 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Manual Information
7329 Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung) Sparepartslist Manual