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46558Pressure Gas Tank Car. (Druckgas-Kesselwagen VTG / Statoil)Sparepartslist
46559 (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
46561 (Schüttgutwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46562 (Schüttgutwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46565Petroleum Oil Tank Cars (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
46573 (Wagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46581 (Kohlenstaubwagen)Sparepartslist
46582Grade Measurement Car for H0 (Neigungsmesswagen H0)Sparepartslist
46601Gas Tank Car. (Gaswagen)Sparepartslist
4661Type Ucs 908 Silo Container Car (Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46613Silo Container Car. (Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46615Silo Container Car. (Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46617Set with 3 Silo Container Cars. (Set mit 3 Silowagen Ucs)Sparepartslist
46618Powdered Freight Transport Car. (Staubgutwagen Ucs 908 DB AG)Sparepartslist
46619Type Kds Silo Container Car (Silowagen Kds)Sparepartslist
466212 Silo Cars - Car Set. (Set - 2 Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46622Silo Container Cars. (Wagen-Set - 2 Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46623 (Silowagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46624Spherical Container Car Set. (Set - 3 Silowagen)Sparepartslist
46625Spherical Container Car. (Kugelbehälterwagen)Sparepartslist
46626Three Type Uces Spherical Container Cars (Drei Kugelbehälterwagen Uces)Sparepartslist
4663Flat Car. (Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
4671Märklin Start up - Crane Car (Kranwagen)Sparepartslist
46715Crane Car Set with Working Digital Functions. (Kranwagen-Set mit Digital-Funktionen)SparepartslistManual
46716Railroad Fire Department Emergency Aid Train with a Recovery Crane Car. (Krupp Ardelt Kran)SparepartslistManual
46717Crane Car Set with Working Digital Functions. (Kranwagen-Set mit Digital-Funktionen)SparepartslistManual
46741Wine Barrel Car. (Weinfasswagen)Sparepartslist
46743Wine Barrel Car. (Weinfasswagen)Sparepartslist
46752Tank Car Set. (Set - 3 Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
46753Tank Car Set and Truck. (Kesselwagen-Set und LKW)Sparepartslist
46761 (Weinwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46762 (Weinwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46766Wine Barrel Car. (Weinfasswagen)Sparepartslist
46802"Coal Hopper Cars" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Kohlentrichterwagen´)Sparepartslist
46803Coal Hopper Car Set (Kohlentrichterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46806Two-Axle Beer Refrigerator Car (Zweiachsiger Bier-Kühlwagen)Sparepartslist
46819Sliding Wall Boxcar with a Kaelble and a Culemeyer Trailer (Schiebewandwagen mit Kaelble und Culemeyer-Anhänger)Sparepartslist
46823"Wood Spirits Carburetor" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Holzvergaser´)Sparepartslist
46828"Road Transport" Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set "Straßentransport")Sparepartslist
46829"Berlin Suburban Traffic" Theme Set. (Themen-Set "Berliner Vorortverkehr")Sparepartslist
46843Flat Car. (Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
46844Flat Car. (Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
46870Type Shimmns Flat Car Set with Telescoping Covers (Teleskophaubenwagen-Set Shimmns)Sparepartslist
46900Marker Light Car Set (Schlusslichtwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46903Gondola (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
46904Gondola. (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
46905 (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
46906Set - 2 High Side Gondolas. (Set - 2 Hochbordwagen)Sparepartslist
46907 (Offener Güterwagen Eaos)Sparepartslist
46909Marker Light Car Set (Schlusslichtwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46911Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
46912Type Fas High-Side Gondola Set (Hochbordwagen-Set Fas)Sparepartslist
46913Type Eaos 106 Freight Car (Eaos 106)SparepartslistManual
46921Set with 3 Stake Cars. (Set mit 3 Rungenwagen Kbs 443)Sparepartslist
46922Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set Kbs 443)Sparepartslist
46925Set with 2 Type Kbs Stake Cars (Set mit 2 Rungenwagen Kbs)Sparepartslist
46931 (Transportwagen für Walzstahl-Coils)Sparepartslist
46936Type Kbs 443 Stake Car (Kbs 443)Sparepartslist
4694Stake Car (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
46940Stake Car with a Bus. (Omnibus-Transporter Kbs 443)Sparepartslist
46942Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
46945 (Wagen-Set ´Automobiltransport´)Sparepartslist
46948Flat Car. (Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
46949"Fuel" Flat Car . ( Flachwagen "Brennstoff")Sparepartslist
46962Stake Car with a Load. (Rungenwagen mit Ladung Kbs 443 DB AG)Sparepartslist
46963Stake Car with a Load. (Rungenwagen mit Ladung Kbs 443 DB AG)Sparepartslist
46972Flat Car. (Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
46974Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
46975Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
46977Low Side Car with a Load. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
46978Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen)Sparepartslist
46980Freight Train Baggage Car. (Güterzugbegleitwagen)Sparepartslist
46982Freight Train Baggage Car. (Güterzug-Gepäckwagen Pwgs 41)Sparepartslist
46983Type Pwg Pr 14 Freight Train Baggage Car (Güterzug-Gepäckwagen Pwg Pr 14)Sparepartslist
4699Freight Train Baggage Car. (Güterzug-Begleitwagen)Sparepartslist
47000Type Res 676 Low Side Car (Niederbordwagen Res 676)Sparepartslist
47001Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs 684)Sparepartslist
47002Low Side Car with a Sliding Tarp Cover (Schiebeplanenwagen Rils 652)Sparepartslist
47003Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen Res 676)Sparepartslist
47004Lumber Transport Car. (Holztransportwagen Roos 639)Sparepartslist
47005Flat Car with Stakes and a Load of Freight. (Flachwagen mit Rungen und Ladegut Rs SBB)Sparepartslist
47006Low Side Car with Stakes. (Niederbordwagen mit Rungen Rens NS)Sparepartslist
47007Set with 2 Low Side Cars with Sliding Tarp Covers. (Set mit 2 Schiebeplanenwagen Rils SNCB)Sparepartslist
47008Wood Transport Car. (Holztransportwagen Roos 639)Sparepartslist
47009Sliding Tarp Car. (Schiebeplanenwagen)Sparepartslist
47011Set with 2 Low Side Cars. (Set mit 2 Niederbordwagen)Sparepartslist
47012Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs CFL)Sparepartslist
47016Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs 684 DB AG)Sparepartslist
47017Set with 2 Sliding Tarp Cars. (Set mit 2 Schiebeplanenwagen Rils CFL)Sparepartslist
47025Set with 2 Low Side Cars. (Set mit 2 Niederbordwagen Rs Res DSB)Sparepartslist
47026Set with 5 Wood Transport Cars. (Set mit 5 Holztransportwagen Bauart Roos 639)Sparepartslist
47027Type Regs Low Side Car Set (Niederbordwagen-Set Regs)Sparepartslist
47029Low Side Car Set. (Niederbordwagen-Set AWILOG, AAE)Sparepartslist
47030Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set Rs 683 und Rs 684)Sparepartslist
47031Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47032Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs 684, DB AG)Sparepartslist
47033Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen Res 676, DB AG)Sparepartslist
47034Low Side Car Set. (Niederbordwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47035Sliding Tarp Car Set. (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set Rils, Rilns)Sparepartslist
47036Track Maintenance Car Set. (Bauzugwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47037Stake Car, Type Rs 684 Max Bögl. (Rungenwagen Rs 684 Max Bögl)Sparepartslist
47039Freight Car Set. (Wagenset)SparepartslistInformation
47040Flat Car Set. (Tragwagen Sgs 693 DB)SparepartslistManual
47041Flat Car. (Tragwagen Sgs DB)Sparepartslist
47042Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen)Sparepartslist
47043Sliding Tarp Car. (Schiebeplanenwagen)Sparepartslist
47047Three Type Roos 639 Stake Cars (Drei Rungenwagen Roos 639)Sparepartslist
47048Type Sgs 693 Flat Car for Containers. (Tragwagen Sgs 693)Sparepartslist
47050Flat Car Set (Flachwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47055Type Sgnss Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47056Type Sgnss Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47057Type Sgnss Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47058 (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47059Type Sgnss Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47061Type Rilns Sliding Tarp Car (Schiebeplanenwagen Bauart Rilns)Sparepartslist
47062Type Rils Sliding Tarp Car Set (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set Bauart Rils)Sparepartslist
47063Type Rils Sliding Tarp Car (Schiebeplanenwagen Bauart Rils)Sparepartslist
47064Type Sgnss 114 Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss 114)Sparepartslist
47065Type Sgnss 114 Container Transport Car (Container-Tragwagen Bauart Sgnss 114)Sparepartslist
47069 (Transportwagen für Walzstahl-Coils)Sparepartslist
47070Container Car Set with Convertible Truck Transport Units. (Containerwagen-Set mit LKW-Wechelpritschen Sgns SBB)Sparepartslist
47071"Winner" Container Car Set. (Containerwagen-Set „Winner“ Sdgkms Sgns DB AG)Sparepartslist
47072Flat Car for Containers. (Container-Tragwagen Sgns DB AG)Sparepartslist
47073Flat Car for Containers. (Container-Tragwagen Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47074Flat Car Set for Containers with Type XXL WoodTainer Containers. (Container-Tragwagen-Set mit WoodTainer XXL Container)Sparepartslist
47075Flat Car Set with Semi-Truck Trailers and Convertible Truck Transport Units. (Tragwagen-Set mit LKW-Sattelaufleger und -Wechselpritschen)Sparepartslist
47076Container Flat Car Set with WoodTainer XS Containers. (Container-Tragwagen-Set mit WoodTainer XS Container Sgns 691)Sparepartslist
47077 (Containerwagen-Set „Schenker“ Sgns 691 DB AG)Sparepartslist
47078Container Flat Car Set with WoodTainer XXL Containers. (Container-Tragwagen-Set mit WoodTainer XXL Container Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47079Container Flat Car Set with WoodTainer XXL Containers. (Container-Tragwagen-Set mit WoodTainer XXL Container Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47080Flat Car for Containers. (Container-Tragwagen Sgnss)Sparepartslist
47081"Vos Logistics" Container Car Set. (Containerwagen-Set „Vos Logistics“)Sparepartslist
47082Deep-Well Flat Car Set. (Taschenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47083Container Flat Car Set. (Container-Tragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47084VAT Logistics Container Car Set. (Containerwagen-Set VAT Logistics)Sparepartslist
47085KLV Flat Car Set (KLV-Tragwagen)SparepartslistManual
47087Flat Car Set. (Tragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47088Container Flat Car Set. (Container-Tragwagen Sgns 691)SparepartslistManual
47090Three Type Sgns Container Transport Cars with WoodTainer XXL Containers (Drei Container-Tragwagen Sgns mit WoodTainer XXL Containern)Sparepartslist
47091Three Type Sgns Container Transport Cars with WoodTainer XXL Containers (Drei Container-Tragwagen Sgns mit WoodTainer XXL Containern)Sparepartslist
47093Type Sgnss KLV Transport Car Set (KLV-Tragwagen-Set Sgnss)SparepartslistManual
47095Type Sgns Container Transport Car Set (Container-Tragwagen-Set Bauart Sgns)SparepartslistManual
47096Two Type Sgnss Container Flat Cars with Interchangeable Transport Units (Zwei Container-Tragwagen Sgnss mit Wechselpritschen)SparepartslistManual
4712Double Auto Transport Car (Doppel-Autotransportwagen)Sparepartslist
47124Auto Transport Car. (Autotransportwagen)Sparepartslist
47125Set with 2 "Sports Car" Automobile Transport Cars. (Set mit 2 Autotransportern "Sportwagen" Laekks 553)Sparepartslist
47126"S Class" Auto Transport Car. (Autotransporter "S-Klasse" Laaes 541)Sparepartslist
47141 (Rungenwagen Snps)Sparepartslist
47142Pipe Transport: Set with 3 Stake Cars. (Röhren-Transport: Set mit 3 Rungenwagen Snps 719 (3) DB AG)Sparepartslist
47143Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
47144Set with 3 Type Snps Stake Cars (Set mit 3 Rungenwagen Snps)Sparepartslist
47148Set with 3 Type Snps Stake Cars (Set mit 3 Rungenwagen Snps)Sparepartslist
47149Stake Car Set. (Rungenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47176High-Side Gondola Set (Hochbordwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47190Gondola (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47191Gondola. (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47192Gondola. (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47195High Side Gondola Set. (Hochbordwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47196Gondola. (Offener Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
471972 High Side Gondolas - Car Set. (Set - 2 Hochbordwagen)Sparepartslist
47198Set - 2 High Side Gondolas. (Set - 2 Hochbordwagen)Sparepartslist
47199 (Set - 3 Hochbordwagen)Sparepartslist
47200Car for Transporting Coils of Rolled Sheet Steel (Transportwagen für Walzstahl-Coils)Sparepartslist
47201Flat Car with Sliding Tarp Cover. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2001: Schiebeplanenwagen)Sparepartslist
47202Set with 3 Sliding Tarp Cars. (Set mit 3 Schiebeplanenwagen Shimmns)Sparepartslist
47203Set with 5 Sliding Tarp Cars. (Set mit 5 Schiebeplanenwagen Shimmns)Sparepartslist
47204Sliding Tarp Car. (Schiebeplanenwagen)Sparepartslist
47207 (Wagen-Set für Walzstahl-Coils)Sparepartslist
47208 (Wagen-Set für Walzstahl-Coils)Sparepartslist
47209Car Set - 2 Flat Cars with Tarp Covers. (Wagen-Set - 2 gedeckte Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47210"Coil Transporter" Car Set. (Coil-Transporter)Sparepartslist
47211"Coil Transporter" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Coil-Transporter")Sparepartslist
47212Sliding Tarp Car Set (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47213Type Shimmns Sliding Tarp Car (Schiebeplanenwagen Shimmns)Sparepartslist
47214Sliding Tarp Car Set (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47216Sliding Tarp Car Set (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47217Type Shimmns Sliding Tarp Car Set (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set Shimmnss)Sparepartslist
47262Gondola with a Retractable Roof. (Rolldachwagen)Sparepartslist
47300Sliding Roof / Sliding Wall Car Set (Schiebedach-/Schiebewandwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47311Gbs 256 Corrugated Wall Boxcar (Spundwandwagen Gbs 256)Sparepartslist
47313Car Set - 3 Boxcars. (Wagen-Set - 3 gedeckte Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47314Freight Car Set. (Set - 2 gedeckte Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47319Steel Transport: Set with 4 Type Snps Stake Cars (Stahl-Transport: Set mit 4 Rungenwagen Snps)Sparepartslist
47321Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47322"Transthermos" Refrigerator Car Set. (Kühlwagen-Set "Transthermos")Sparepartslist
47323Type Ibblps 379 Refrigerator Car (Kühlwagen Ibblps 379)Sparepartslist
47324Type Ibblps 379 Refrigerator Car (Kühlwagen Ibblps 379)Sparepartslist
47329Type Gbs 254 Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen Gbs 254)Sparepartslist
47331Banana Refrigerator Car. (Bananen-Kühlwagen)Sparepartslist
47340Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
47341 (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
47342Sliding Wall Car (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
47343 (Schiebewandwagen Hbis-t 299)Sparepartslist
47363Postal Service Freight Car. (Post-Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47367Freight Car Set for the Class V 188 (Güterwagen-Set zur Baureihe V 188)Sparepartslist
4740Depressed Floor Flat Car for Truck Transport (Niederflurwagen für LKW-Transport)Sparepartslist
47403Depressed Floor Flat Car. (Niederflurwagen)Sparepartslist
47404Depressed Floor Flat Car (Niederflurwagen Saakms)Sparepartslist
47405"Rollende Landstraße" / "Rolling Road" Depressed Floor Flat Car (Niederflurendwagen "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
4741Depressed Floor Flat Car for Truck Transport (Niederflurwagen für LKW-Transport)Sparepartslist
47415Set with 8 Depressed Floor Flat Cars in the Display "Rollende Landstraße / Rolling Road". (Set mit 8 Niederflurwagen im Display "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
47416"Rollende Landstraße / Rolling Road" Set with 5 Depressed Floor Flat Cars. (Set mit 5 Niederflurwagen "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
47417"Rollende Landstraße / Rolling Road" Depressed Floor Flat Car. (Niederflurendwagen "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
47418Set with 5 "Rollende Landstraße" / "Rolling Road" Depressed Floor Flat Cars (Set mit 5 Niederflurwagen "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
47419"Rollende Landstraße" / "Rolling Road" Depressed Floor Flat Car (Niederflurendwagen "Rollende Landstraße")Sparepartslist
47440Deep Well Flat Car with a Semi-Trailer. (Taschenwagen mit Sattelanhänger)Sparepartslist
47441Deep Well Flat Car. (Taschenwagen)SparepartslistManual
47442Deep Well Flat Car with a Convertible Truck Transport Unit. (Taschenwagen mit Wechselaufbauten)Sparepartslist
47443Deep Well Car with Semi Trailer. (Taschenwagen mit Sattelanhänger)Sparepartslist
47444Deep Well Flat Car. (Taschenwagen)Sparepartslist
47445Depressed Well Flat Car with Container. (Taschenwagen mit Container)Sparepartslist
47446Depressed Well Flat Car with Semi-Truck Trailer. (Taschenwagen mit Sattelanhänger)Sparepartslist
47448Deep Well Flat Car with Container. (Taschenwagen mit Container)Sparepartslist
47449Deep Well (Flat) Car Set. (Taschenwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47450Deep Well Flat Car with Semi Truck Trailer. (Taschenwagen mit Sattelanhänger)Sparepartslist
47452Deep-Well Flat Car with Containers. (Taschenwagen mit Containern Sdgkms 707)Sparepartslist
47453Set with 3 Loaded Deep Well Flat Cars. (Set mit 3 beladenen Taschenwagen Sdkmms)Sparepartslist
47454Set with 2 Loaded Deep Well Flat Cars. (Set mit 2 beladenen Taschenwagen Bauart Sdms 832 SJ)Sparepartslist
47456Set with 3 Loaded Deep Well Flat Cars. (Set mit 3 beladenen Taschenwagen Typ Sdkms SBB)Sparepartslist
47458Set with 2 Loaded Deep-Well Flat Cars. (Set mit 2 beladenen Taschenwagen)Sparepartslist
47522Tank Car. (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47523"Rotterdam" Tank Car Set. (Kesselwagen-Set "Rotterdam")Sparepartslist
4754Petroleum Oil Tank Car (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
4756Petroleum Oil Tank Car (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47561Tank Car (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47562Petroleum Oil Tank Car. (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47564Tank Car Set. (Kesselwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47565Chemical Tank Car. (Chemiekesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47566Tank Car. (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
4757Chemical Tank Car. (Chemie-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47613Car Set - 2 Silo Container Cars. (Wagen-Set - 2 Silowagen)Sparepartslist
47673Flat Car for Containers. (Behälter-Tragwagen)Sparepartslist
4768Container Car. (Containerwagen)Sparepartslist
47684Car Set - 2 Flat Cars for Containers. (Wagen-Set - 2 Containerwagen)Sparepartslist
47687Set with 2 Flat Cars for Containers. (Set mit 2 Container-Tragwagen Lgjns DSB)Sparepartslist
47689Container Flat Car Set with 5 Cars (Container-Tragwagenset mit 5 Wagen)Sparepartslist
47700Container Car. (Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47701Flat Car for Containers. (Containerwagen)Sparepartslist
47702Container Transport Car. (Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47703Flat Car for Transporting Containers. (Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47704"Rotterdam" Container Car Set. (Containerwagen-Set "Rotterdam")Sparepartslist
47705Container Car (Containerwagen)Sparepartslist
47707Container Car. (Containerwagen Lgns 570)Sparepartslist
4771Type Snps 719 Stake Car (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
47711Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
47713Stake Car. (Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
47718Stake Car with Load. (Rungenwagen mit Beladung)Sparepartslist
47722 (Containerwagen)Sparepartslist
47723Container Transport Car Set. (Container-Tragwagen-Set Lgjs, SJ)Sparepartslist
47724Type Lgjns Container Transport Car Set (Container-Tragwagen-Set Lgjns)Sparepartslist
47725Type Lgs Container Transport Car Set (Container-Tragwagen-Set Lgs)Sparepartslist
47730Set - 3 Stake Cars. (Set - 3 Rungenwagen)Sparepartslist
47733Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47741Car Set for Transporting Anthracite Coal. (Wagen-Set ´Anthrazitkohle-Transport´)Sparepartslist
47760Set with 6 "Tin-Plate" Freight Cars (Set mit 6 "Tin Plate"-Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
4777Caboose. (Güterzugbegleitwagen)Sparepartslist
47785Boxcar Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Gedeckte Güterwagen´)Sparepartslist
47800Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car (Doppel-Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47801Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car (Doppel-Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47802Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car (Doppel-Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47803Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car (Doppel-Containertragwagen)Sparepartslist
47873Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47876Set - 3 Construction Train Cars. (Set - 3 Bauzug-Wagen)Sparepartslist
47877Car Set - 5 Old-Timer Freight Cars. (Set - 5 Oldtimer-Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47878"Italian Classic II" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Italienische Klassik II")Sparepartslist
47879"Italian Classic III" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Italienische Klassik III")Sparepartslist
47886Tank Car Set (Kesselwagenset)Sparepartslist
47887 (Brennstofftransport-Set)Sparepartslist
47888 (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
47889?Italian Classic? Car Set (Wagenset "Italienische Klassik")Sparepartslist
47901"Track Maintenance Train" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Gleisbauzug´)Sparepartslist
47902"Fuel" Car Set. (Wagenset "Brennstoff")Sparepartslist
47903"Fuel" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Brennstoff")Sparepartslist
47904"Foodstuffs" Car Set. (Wagenset "Kolonialwaren")Sparepartslist
47906"High Capacity Tank Car" Car Set. (Wagenset "Großraumkesselwagen")Sparepartslist
47908Car Set - 3 Old-Timer Freight Cars. (Wagen-Set - 3 Oldtimer-Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
47909"Industrial Traffic" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Industrieverkehr")Sparepartslist
47910Tank car. (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
47911Fire Extinguishing Water Car. (Löschwasserwagen)Sparepartslist
47952Type E-12 Om High-Side Gondola. (Offener Hochbordwagen E-12 Om)Sparepartslist
48004Museum Car H0, 2004. (Museumswagen-Set H0, 2004)Sparepartslist
48005Museum Car Set 2005. (Museumswagen-Set H0, 2005)Sparepartslist
48006"Kaiser Brauerei" Museum Car Set for 2006. (Museumswagen-Set 2006 "Kaiser Brauerei")Sparepartslist
48007"Strassacker" Museum Car Set for 2007. (Museumswagen-Set 2007 "Strassacker" SSym 46)Sparepartslist
48009H0 Museum Car Set for 2009. (Museumswagen-Set H0 2009 Gllmghs 37 DB)Sparepartslist
48011 (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48012Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48014Type Hbbikks-tt Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen Hbbikks-tt)Sparepartslist
48020Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48024 (Schiebewandwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48025Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48026Sliding Wall Boxcar Set. (Schiebewandwagen-Set Hbbillns)Sparepartslist
48029Type Habbins High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen Habbins)Sparepartslist
48031High Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48033High Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48035 (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48036High-Capacity Boxcar. (Großraumwagen)Sparepartslist
48037High-Capacity Boxcar. (Großraumwagen)Sparepartslist
48038High Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48040KOMBIRAIL. (KOMBIRAIL)Sparepartslist
48043 (Wagen-Set KOMBIRAIL)Sparepartslist
48046 (KOMBIRAIL-Set)Sparepartslist
48050High-Capacity Boxcar. (Großraumwagen)Sparepartslist
48052Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48054Type Habbillns High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen Habbillns)SparepartslistManual
48055Type Habbiillns High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen Habbiillns, SBB)SparepartslistManual
48056High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen Habbins 15)SparepartslistManual
48058High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen Habiins 12)Sparepartslist
48059Type Habbiillnss High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar Set. (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen-Set Habbiillnss)Sparepartslist
48060Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen)Sparepartslist
48100Hopper Car. (Selbstentladewagen)Sparepartslist
48101 (Selbstentladewagen)Sparepartslist
48102Type Facns 133 Hopper Car (Selbstentladewagen)Sparepartslist
48104Type Facns 133 Hopper Car (Selbstentladewagen)Sparepartslist
48105Type Facns 133 Hopper Car (Selbstentladewagen Facns 133)Sparepartslist
48110H0 Museum Car Set for 2010. (Museumswagen-Set H0 2010)Sparepartslist
48111H0 Museum Car Set for 2011. (Museumswagen-Set H0 2011)Sparepartslist
48112H0 Museum Car Set for 2012. (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2012)Sparepartslist
48113H0 Museum Car Set for 2013. (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2013)Sparepartslist
48114H0 Museum Car Set for 2014. (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2014)Sparepartslist
48115H0 Museum Car Set for 2015 (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2015)Sparepartslist
48116H0 Museum Car Set for 2016 (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2016)Sparepartslist
48117H0 Museum Car Set for 2017 (H0 Museumswagen-Set 2017)Sparepartslist
48150Insider Annual H0 Car for 2006. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2006 Tehs 50)Sparepartslist
48157H0 Insider Annual Car for 2007. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2007 Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48159H0 Insider Annual Car for 2009. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2009 Ged. Güterwagen, DB)SparepartslistManual
48160H0 Insider Annual Car for 2010. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2010 Grs Oppeln DB)Sparepartslist
48161H0 Insider Annual Car for 2011. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2011 Gl Dresden, DB)Sparepartslist
48162H0 Insider Annual Car for 2012. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2012 Säuretopfwagen, DB)Sparepartslist
48163Insider H0 Annual Car for 2013. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2013)Sparepartslist
48164H0 Insider Annual Car for 2014. (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2014)Sparepartslist
48166H0 Insider Annual Car for 2016 (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2016)Sparepartslist
48167H0 Insider Annual Car for 2017 (Insider-Jahreswagen H0 2017)Sparepartslist
48250"SKW Trostberg Carbide Cylinder Cars" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Carbid-Flaschenwagen SKW Trostberg´)Sparepartslist
48251Märklin Magazin H0 Annual Car for 2002 (Märklin Magazin-H0-Jahreswagen 2002)Sparepartslist
48252Carbide Container Car. (Carbid-Flaschenwagen)Sparepartslist
48261Container Coach. (Behälterwagen)Sparepartslist
48270"Coal Transport" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Kohletransport")Sparepartslist
48271Set - 2 Container Cars. (Set - 2 Behälterwagen)Sparepartslist
48272Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen RAG)Sparepartslist
48273Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen F-zz 131)Sparepartslist
48274Set with 2 Container Cars. (Set mit 2 Behälterwagen Fb-zz 131)Sparepartslist
48281Beer Car. (Bierwagen)Sparepartslist
48282Beer Refrigerator Car. (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48283Beer Refrigerator Car. (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48290Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)Sparepartslist
48291Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)SparepartslistManual
48292Set with 2 Torpedo Ladle Cars. (Set mit 2 Torpedopfannenwagen Typ 8008 EuH)Sparepartslist
48293Torpedo Ladle Car. (Torpedopfannenwagen)SparepartslistManual
48294Torpedo Ladle Car. (Bauart DB P, Krupp AG)SparepartslistManualInformation
48295Heavy Duty Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48311Boxcar. (Gedeckter Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
48370Sliding Wall Boxcar Set. (Schiebewandwagen-Set Hbis)Sparepartslist
48406H0 Christmas Car for 2006. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2006 R 02)Sparepartslist
48408H0 Christmas Car for 2008. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2008 X05 "Erfurt")Sparepartslist
48409H0 Gauge Christmas Car for 2009. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2009)Sparepartslist
48410H0 Christmas Car for 2010. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2010)Sparepartslist
48411H0 Christmas Car for 2011. (Weihnachtswagen H0 2011 OOt)Sparepartslist
48412H0 Christmas Car for 2012. (Weihnachtswagen HO 2012)Sparepartslist
48413H0 Christmas Car for 2013 (Weihnachtswagen HO 2013)Sparepartslist
48414H0 Christmas Car for 2014 (Weihnachtswagen HO 2014)Sparepartslist
48415H0 Christmas Car for 2015 (Weihnachtswagen HO 2015)Sparepartslist
48416H0 Christmas Car for 2016 (Weihnachtswagen H0 2016)Sparepartslist
48431Ore Car Set. (Erzwagen-Set Falls)Sparepartslist
48432Ore Car Set. (Erzwagen-Set Falls)Sparepartslist
48434Ore Car Set. (Erzwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48435Type Fals Hopper Car Set (Schüttgutwagenset Fals)Sparepartslist
48446 (Erzwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48447 (Wagen-Set ´2 Erz-Transporter´)Sparepartslist
48448Car Set - 3 Ore Transport Cars. (Wagen-Set - 3 Erz-Transporter)Sparepartslist
48449Car Set - 2 Bulk Freight Cars. (Set - 2 Schüttgutwagen)Sparepartslist
48450Bulk Material Dump Car. (Schüttgut-Kippwagen)Sparepartslist
48454Bulk Freight Side Dump Car Set. (Schüttgut-Kippwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48455Side Dump Car Set. (Seitenkippwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48456Type Fas 680 Bulk Freight Dump Car Set (Schüttgut-Kippwagen-Set Fas 680)Sparepartslist
48457Type Eamos Side Dump Car Set (Seitenkippwagen-Set Eamos)Sparepartslist
48483Pressure Gas Tank Car. (Druckgas-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48484Pressurized Gas Tank Car. (Druckgas-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48485Tank Car. (Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48486Pressurized Gas Tank Car Set. (Druckgas-Kesselwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48487Pressurized Gas Tank Car (Druckgas-Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48504Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2004. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0)Sparepartslist
48506Märklin Magazin Annual Car in H0 for 2006. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2006 Kbs 443)Sparepartslist
48507Märklin Magazin Annual Car for 2007. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen 2007)Sparepartslist
48508Märklin Magazin Annual Car for 2008. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen 2008)Sparepartslist
48509Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2009. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen HO 2009)Sparepartslist
48510Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2010. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2010)Sparepartslist
48511Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2011. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2011)Sparepartslist
48512Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2012. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2012)Sparepartslist
48513Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Car for 2013. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2013)Sparepartslist
48514Märklin Magazin Annual H0 Gauge Car for 2014. (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2014)Sparepartslist
48516Märklin Magazin H0 Annual Car for 2016 (Märklin Magazin Jahreswagen H0 2016)Sparepartslist
48517Märklin Magazin Annual Car in H0 for 2017 (Märklin Magazin-Jahreswagen H0 2017)Sparepartslist
48532Flat Car. (Tragwagen)Sparepartslist
48533Flat Car for Containers. (Behältertragwagen Lbgjs 598)Sparepartslist
48534Set of a Flat Car for Containers and a Truck. (Set Behälter-Tragwagen und LKW Lbgjs 598)Sparepartslist
48535Type Lbgjs 598 Container Transport Car (Behälter-Tragwagen Lbgjs 598)Sparepartslist
48543Car Set - 3 Tank Cars. (Wagen-Set - 3 Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
48546Set - 2 Tank Cars. (Set - 2 Kesselwagen)Sparepartslist
486101. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2010. (1. FC Märklin Jahreswagen 2010)Sparepartslist
486111. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2011. (1. FC Märklin Jahreswagen 2011)Sparepartslist
48612Märklin Kids Club Annual Car for 2012. (Märklin Kids Club Jahreswagen 2012)Sparepartslist
48613Märklin Kids Club Annual Car for 2013. (Märklin Kids Club Jahreswagen 2013)Sparepartslist
48614Märklin Start up Club Annual Car for 2014. (Märklin Start up Club Jahreswagen 2014)Sparepartslist
48615Märklin Start up Club Annual Car for 2015. (Märklin Start up Club Jahreswagen 2015)Sparepartslist
48616Märklin Start up - Märklin Start up Club Annual Car for 2016. (Märklin Start up - Märklin Start up Club Jahreswagen 2016)Sparepartslist
48617Märklin Start up - Märklin Start up Club Annual Car for 2017 (Märklin Start up - Märklin Start up Club Jahreswagen 2017)Sparepartslist
48640Set with 4 "Tin-Plate" Tank Cars (Set mit 4 "Tin Plate"-Tankwagen)Sparepartslist
4866Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlast-Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
48662 (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48664"Steel Slabs" Heavy Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set "Stahlbrammen")Sparepartslist
48666"Continuous Casting" Heavy Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set ´Strangguss´)Sparepartslist
48667Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48668Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
4867Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlast-Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
48670Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Rlmmps 651, DB AG)Sparepartslist
48671Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48672Heavy-duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48673Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48674 (Weichenkranwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48675Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48676Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48677 (Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
48679 (Schwerlastwagen SSym 46)Sparepartslist
48680Type Ssym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with Steel Beams (Schwerlast-Flachwagen Ssym 46 mit Stahlträgern)Sparepartslist
48684Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Sammp 705 DB)Sparepartslist
48686Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlast-Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
48687Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlast-Flachwagen)Sparepartslist
48688Type Ssym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with a Continuous Casting Load (Schwerlast-Flachwagen Ssym 46 mit Strangguss)Sparepartslist
48689Type Ssym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with Steel Slabs (Schwerlast-Flachwagen Ssym 46 mit Brammen)Sparepartslist
48690Track Scale Calibration Train Car Set. (Wagen-Set Gleiswaagen-Eichzug)Sparepartslist
48691RAG Track Scale Car Set. (Eichwagenset RAG)Sparepartslist
48692Set with 2 Heavy Duty Flat Cars. (Set mit 2 Schwerlastwagen Sammp 705)Sparepartslist
48693Type SSym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car (Schwerlast-Flachwagen SSym 46)Sparepartslist
48694Type SSym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car (Schwerlast-Flachwagen SSym 46)Sparepartslist
487051. FC Annual Car for 2005. (1. FC-Jahreswagen 2005)Sparepartslist
48707Annual Car for 2007 for the 1. FC Märklin. (Jahreswagen 2007 für den 1. FC Märklin RLmms DB)Sparepartslist
487081. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2008. (1. FC Märklin Jahreswagen 2008)Sparepartslist
487091. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2009. (Jahreswagen 2009 für den 1. FC Märklin)Sparepartslist
48718"THW" Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set „THW“ Rlmmps 651 DB AG)Sparepartslist
48719Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set SSy DB)Sparepartslist
48724"THW" Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set „THW“ Sm 24 DB)Sparepartslist
48725Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Rlmmps 651, DB AG)Sparepartslist
48736Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Samms 709, DB)Sparepartslist
48742Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set SSy DB)Sparepartslist
48743Type Samms 709 Heavy-Duty Flat Car for "Permanent Roadway", DBSR, Era VI. (Schwerlastwagen Samms 709 "Feste Fahrbahn", DBSR, Epoche VI)Sparepartslist
48744Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48755Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48756Heavy-Duty Flat Car with Fire Department Truck. (Schwerlastwagen)Sparepartslist
48759Banana Car (Bananenwagen)Sparepartslist
48770Thermal Insulated Car. (Wärmeschutzwagen)Sparepartslist
48771Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48772Beer Refrigerator Car (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48773Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48774Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48775Beer Refrigerator Car (Bierkühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48776Beer Car (Bierwagen)Sparepartslist
48785 (Umsetzwagen)Sparepartslist
48786"10 Years of Car Production at Sonneberg" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´10 Jahre Wagenfertigung Sonneberg´)Sparepartslist
48791Less-Than-Carload-Lot Car Set. (Wagenset - Stückgutwagen)Sparepartslist
48792"Beer Transport" Car Set. (Wagenset "Biertransport")Sparepartslist
48800Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48801"Heavy Freight Train" Car Set. (Wagenset "Schwerer Güterzug")Sparepartslist
48802"Transfer Train" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Übergabezug")Sparepartslist
48803 (Wagenset)Sparepartslist
48805Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48807Swiss Freight Car Set. (Schweizer Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48809Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48810Set with 6 Freight Cars. (Set mit 6 Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
48811Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48812Freight Transport for the Spangenberg Works. (Gütertransport der Spangenberg-Werke)Sparepartslist
48814Swiss Freight Car Set. (Schweizer Güterwagenset)Sparepartslist
48815Milk Car Set (Milchwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48816Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48817Milk Car Set (Milchwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48821French Freight Car Set. (Französisches Güterwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48827Type G 10 Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set G 10)Sparepartslist
48830Type Gmrs 30 Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen Gmrs 30)Sparepartslist
48831Type Ghs "Oppeln" Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen Ghs "Oppeln")Sparepartslist
48850"Leig-Einheiten" Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set "Leig-Einheiten")Sparepartslist
48852Heating Car. (Heizwagen)Sparepartslist
48854Type Gllmhs 37 "Leig-Einheit" Pair of Cars (Leig-Einheit Wagen-Paar Gllmhs 37)Sparepartslist
4888Livestock Car. (Viehwagen)Sparepartslist
48881Livestock Car (Viehwagen)Sparepartslist
48926 (Kühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48931Refrigerator Car (Kühlwagen)Sparepartslist
48940 (Behältertragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48941Container Transport Flat Car Set. (Behältertragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48943"Container Car" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´Behälter-Tragwagen´)Sparepartslist
48944Container Transport Car Set. (Behältertragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48945Flat Car Set for Containers. (Behältertragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48946Container Transport Car Set. (Behältertragwagen-Set)Sparepartslist
48947Container Transport Car Set. (Behältertragwagen-Set Bauart Bt 10 DB)Sparepartslist
48948Container Car Set. (Behälterwagen-Set Bt 10 SNCB)Sparepartslist
48949Type Bt 10 Container Transport Car (Behältertragwagen Bt 10)Sparepartslist
49150Congratulations Car. (Glückwunschwagen)Sparepartslist
49570Ardelt 57 Metric Ton Steam Crane (Ardelt)SparepartslistManualInformation
49571Type 058 Steam Crane (Ardelt) (Ardelt)SparepartslistManual
49610Diesel Locomotive for Multiple Unit Operation. (Reihe 600 U.P. Typ PA-1 (ALCO))SparepartslistOrder spare parts
49611Diesel Locomotive for Multiple Unit Operation. (ALCO PA-1 (AT&SF))SparepartslistOrder spare parts
49940Construction Car with Built-in Video Camera and Sender. (Bauwagen mit Videokamera)SparepartslistManual
49941Construction Car Set with Built-in Video Camera and Sender. (Bauwagenset mit eingebauter Videokamera und Sender)Sparepartslist
49950Railroad Crane Set with Digital Functions. (Kranwagen "Goliath")SparepartslistManual
49951Set - 3 Crane Tender Cars for the Crane Car Train. (Set - 3 Hilfswagen zum Kranzug)SparepartslistManual
49952Railroad Crane with Digital Functions Car Set. (Kranzug)Manual
49953Set - 3 Crane Tender Cars for the Crane Car Train. (Kranhilfswagen-Set)SparepartslistManual
49954Car Set with a Type 100 Crane Car and a Type 817 Boom Tender Car. (Kranwagen "Goliath" (DB AG))SparepartslistManualInformation
49955Car Set for the Crane Car Train (Wagenset zum Kranzug)SparepartslistManual
49961Catenary Measurement Car. (Oberleitungs-Messwagen)SparepartslistManual
49962Sound Effects Car for Locomotives. (Geräuschwagen für Lokomotiven)SparepartslistManual
49963Rotary Snow Plow as Working Model. (Dampf-Schneeschleuder DRG)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
49964Sound Effects Car for Locomotives. (Geräuschwagen für Lokomotiven)SparepartslistManual
49965Railroad Maintenance Car for Insider members with 20 Years of Membership (Bahndienstwagen)SparepartslistManual
49966Henschel Design Steam Powered Rotary Snowplow (Dampfschneeschleuder der Bauart Henschel (DR))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
49967Workshop Equipment Car (Werkstatt-Gerätewagen)SparepartslistManual
49968Construction Crew Car Set (Bautrupp-Wagenset)Sparepartslist
49981Exhibition Car. (Ausstellungswagen)Sparepartslist
58503Pair of Gondolas with Roofs with Hinged Hatches. (Klappdeckelwagen-Paar)Sparepartslist
60973Pickup Shoe Changeover Circuit Board (Schleiferumschaltplatine)Manual
60983märklin mLD3 LokDecoder (märklin LokDecoder mLD3)Manual
70000Basic Catenary Set. (Grundausstattung Oberleitung)Manual
7001Coupler Gauge Manual
70131Catenary Wire for Crossings and Double Slip Switches Manual
70361Distant Signal (Vorsignal)SparepartslistManual
70362"Vr 0 / Vr 1" Distant Signal (Vorsignal.)Manual
70381Distant Signal (Vorsignal)SparepartslistManual
70382"Vr 0 / Vr 1 / Vr 2" Distant Signal (Vorsignal.)Manual
70391Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70392Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70393"Hp 0 / Hp 1" Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70394"Hp 0 / Hp 1" Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70411Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70412Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70413"Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2" Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70414"Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2" Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Hauptsignal.)SparepartslistManual
70421Yard Signal (Sperrsignal)SparepartslistManual
7051Remote Control Rotary Crane. (Ferngesteuerter Drehkran)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
71400Plug and Socket Set Manual
7186 (Drehscheiben-Garnitur)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
7198Pickup Shoe (Stromzuführung.)Manual
72020Current-Conducting Close Coupler that Can Be Uncoupled (Kurzkupplung)Manual
72021Current-Conducting Couplers Manual
7205Close Couplers for Locomotives and Cars without Guide Mechanisms SparepartslistManual
72060Relex Couplers (Relex-Kupplungen)Manual
72201Märklin my world - Battery-Operated Signal (Batteriebetriebenes Signal)Manual
72202Märklin my world - Tunnel (Tunnel (Märklin my world))Manual
72203Märklin my world - Manual Grade Crossing. (Manueller Bahnübergang)Manual
72205Märklin my world - "Loading Station" Building Kit (Click and Mix). (Bausatz Verladestation)SparepartslistManual
72209Märklin my world - Sound Station. (Soundbahnhof (Märklin my world))Manual
72211Märklin my world - Freight Loading Station (Güterverladebahnhof (Märklin my world))Manual
72216Märklin my world - Airport with Light and Sound Function (Airport (Märklin my world))Manual
72240Märklin my world – Rerailer (Aufgleishilfe (Märklin my world))Manual
7226Smoke Generator Kit, Diameter 5 mm / 3/16" (Rauchsatz)Manual
72270Smoke Generator Kit, Diameter 3.5 mm / 1/8" (Rauchsatz)Manual
7244Universal Relay (UFS)Manual
72441Brake Module. (Bremsmodul)Manual
72442Braking Module Manual
72452Märklin Start up – Container Terminal (Manuelles Containerterminal)Manual
7262Truss Bridge (Gitterbrücke.)SparepartslistManual
7263Arched Bridge (Bogenbrücke.)SparepartslistManual
7267Curved Ramp (Gebogenes Rampenstück.)SparepartslistManual
7268Straight Ramp (Gerades Rampenstück.)SparepartslistManual
7269Curved Ramp. (Gebogenes Rampenstück)Manual
72700Building Kit of a Water Tower. (Bausatz Wasserturm)Manual
72710Control Box with a Feedback Function (Stellpult)Manual
72720Control Box (Schaltpult)Manual
72751Signal Control Box (Signal-Schaltpult)SparepartslistManual
72752Turnout Control Box (Start up Assortment) (Weichen-Stellpult)SparepartslistManual
72797"Märklingen" Train Station Kit. Manual
7286Remote Control Turntable (Drehscheibe)Manual
72883Locomotive Shed Kit. (Bausatz Lokschuppen)Manual
72886Locomotive Shed Kit (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen.)Manual
72891Locomotive Shed Kit. (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen)Manual
72896Building Kit of a Locomotive Shed for Small Locomotives. (Bausatz Kleinlokschuppen)Manual
72897Building Kit of a Locomotive Shed. (Bausatz Lokomotivschuppen)Manual
72900Building Kit of a Transformer Station. (Bausatz Transformatorenhaus)Manual
7292 (Vollautomatischer Bahnübergang)Manual
7294Remote Control Transfer Table. (Ferngesteuerte Schiebebühne)SparepartslistManual
72941Remote Control Transfer Table (Schiebebühne)SparepartslistManual
73140Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)SparepartslistManual
73141LED Lighting Kit (LED-Innenbeleuchtung)SparepartslistManual
73150Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
73155Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)SparepartslistManual
7316Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
73161Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
7319Current-Conducting Close Coupler Drawbars (Stromführende Kurzkupplungen)SparepartslistManual
7320Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)SparepartslistManual
7322Lighting Kit. (Innenbeleuchtung.)Manual
7323Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)ManualInformation
7329Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
73300Lighting Kit with LEDs for "Donnerbüchsen" / "Thunder Boxes" (Innenbeleuchtung LED - Donnerbüchse)Manual
73301Pickup Set for Coaches (Anschluss-Set 73301 Sitzwagen)Manual
73302Pickup Set for Baggage Car (Anschluss-Set 73302 Gepäckwagen)Manual
7333Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)ManualInformation
7335Lighting Kit (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
73400Standard Interior Lighting Kit with LEDs (Innenbeleuchtung mit LED)Manual
73401Lighting Kit with White LEDs (Innenbeleuchtung)Manual
73404Pickup Shoe / Ground Spring Power Feed Set (Stromzuführung)Sparepartslist
73407Marker Lights with LEDs (Zugschlussbeleuchtung mit LED)Manual
73409Marker Light Kit with LEDs (Schlussbeleuchtung)Manual
74030Center Rail Insulators (Mittelleiter-Isolierung)Manual
74040Feeder Wire Set (Anschlussgarnitur)Manual
74041FCC Interference Suppression Set, 2 Amps (FCC-Entstörset)Manual
74043Signal Feeder Wire Set for C Track (Signal-Anschlussgarnitur zum C-Gleis)Manual
74046Feeder Wire Set (Anschlussgarnitur)Manual
74106Tower Mast with a Tubular Outrigger Beam for a Hanger Arm (Rohrausleger)Sparepartslist
74121Feeder Mast (Anschlussmast)Manual
74131Cross Span Assembly for 3 Tracks (Quertragwerk für 3 Gleise)SparepartslistManual
74132Cross Span Assembly for 4 Tracks (Quertragwerk für 4 Gleise)SparepartslistManual
74141Tower Mast with Light (Turmmast mit Lampe)Sparepartslist
74142Tower Mast (Turmmast)Sparepartslist
74371Märklin Start up - Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal (Lichtsignal)SparepartslistManual
74380Color Light Distant Signal (Lichtsignal)SparepartslistManual
74391Color Light Block Signal (Lichtsignal)SparepartslistManual
74445Digital Turnout Mechanism Set. (Weichenantriebsset)SparepartslistManual
74460Digital Installation Decoder. (Einbau-Digital-Decoder)Manual
74462Installation Digital Decoder for Turnouts (C Track) (Einbau-Digital-Decoder)Manual
74466Installation Digital Decoder for turnouts (C Track) (Einbau-Digital-Decoder für 3-Weg-Weiche)Manual
74470Turnout Lantern Kit (Weichenlaternen-Satz)SparepartslistManual
74490Electric Turnout Mechanism. (Elektrischer Weichenantrieb)SparepartslistManual
74491Electric Turnout Mechanism (C Track) (Elektrischer Weichenantrieb.)Sparepartslist
74492Electric Turnout Mechanism (Elektrischer Weichenantrieb)SparepartslistManual
74613Curved Ramp (Gebogenes Rampenstück)Manual
74861C Track Turntable (Drehscheibe)SparepartslistManual
74920Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing. (Vollautomatischer Bahnübergang)SparepartslistManual
74923Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing (Bahnübergang)SparepartslistManualInformation
74924Märklin Start up - Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing (Bahnübergang)SparepartslistManual
74930Add-On Set (Zusatzgarnitur)Manual
74995Spade Connectors (Flachsteckhülsen)Manual
7504Third Rail Terminal Clip (Mittelleiter-Anschluss)Manual
7522Third Rail Insulator (Mittelleiter-Isolierung)Manual
7547Turnout Lantern Kit (Weichenlaternensatz)Manual
7548Below-Baseboard Installation Kit (Unterflurzurüstsatz)Manual
7549Electromagnetic Turnout Mechanism. (Elektromagnetischer Weichenantrieb)Manual
75491Electric Turnout Mechanism (K Track) (Elektromagnetischer Weichenantrieb)Manual
7556Locomotive Magnets (Fahrzeugmagnete)Manual
7557Locomotive Magnets (Fahrzeugmagnete)Manual
7558Car Magnet (Fahrzeugmagnete)Manual
7569Curved Ramp (Gebogenes Rampenstück.)SparepartslistManual
7592Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing. (Vollautomatischer Bahnübergang)Manual
7593Add-On Set. (Zusatzgarnitur)Manual
76371Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal. (Licht-Gleissperrsignal)SparepartslistManualInformation
76372Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal. (Licht-Gleissperrsignal)SparepartslistManualInformation
76391Color Light Home Signal. (Lichthauptsignal)SparepartslistManual
76393Color Light Home Signal. (Lichthauptsignal)SparepartslistManual
76394Color Light Home Signal. (Lichthauptsignal)SparepartslistManual
76471Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal (Licht-Gleissperrsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76472Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal (Licht-Gleissperrsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76480Color Light Distant Signal (Lichtvorsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76481Color Light Distant Signal with Additional Light. (Lichtvorsignal (mit Zusatzlicht))SparepartslistManual
76491Color Light Home Signal (Lichthauptsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76493Color Light Home Signal (Lichthauptsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76494Color Light Home Signal (Lichthauptsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76495Color Light Home Signal with a Color Light Distant Signal (Lichthauptsignal mit Lichtvorsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76496Color Light Home Signal with a Color Light Distant Signal (Lichthauptsignal mit Lichtvorsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76497Color Light Home Signal with a Color Light Distant Signal (Lichthauptsignal mit Lichtvorsignal.)SparepartslistManual
76500Gantry Crane. (Portalkran)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
76501Gantry Crane. (Portalkran)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
76510Large Coaling Station. (Großbekohlungsanlage)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
76511Cradle Bunkers for the Large Coaling Station. (Wiegebunker zur Großbekohlungsanlage)Manual
76515Remote Controlled Rotary Crane (Drehkran)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
7686 (Digital-Drehscheibe)Manual
7687Digital Retrofit Set for the 7286 Turntable (Digital-Nachrüstset zu 7286)Manual
77502"Hunt´sche" Large Coaling Station Based on the Prototype in Saarbrücken (Großbekohlungsanlage)Manual
78050"Emergency Aid Train" Theme Extension Set. (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "Einsatzzug")SparepartslistInformation
78055"Commuter Passenger Service" Theme Extension Set. (Ergänzungspackung "Regional-Express")Manual
78056"Long Distance Passenger Service" Theme Extension Set. (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "ICE 2")Information
78070"Railroad Grade Crossing" Track Extension Set. Manual
78071"Railroad Grade Crossing" Track Extension Set. (Bahnübergang)Manual
78075"Solenoid Accessories" Extension Set. (Magnetartikel)Manual
78082"Construction Site" Track Extension Set. (Ergänzungspackung "Baustelle")Manual
78083"Construction Site" Theme Extension Set (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "Baustelle")Sparepartslist
78092"Circus Tent" Expansion Set. Manual
78094"Tightrope Dancer" Expansion Set. (Seiltänzerin)Manual
78096 (Ergänzungspackung „Musikbox“)Sparepartslist
78100Roller Test Stand. (Rollenprüfstand)SparepartslistManual
78101Roller Test Stand. (Rollenprüfstand)Sparepartslist
78102Roller Test Stand for H0 Gauge, with 3 Pairs of Roller Brackets. (Rollenprüfstand Spur H0 mit 3 Rollenbockpaaren)SparepartslistManual
78103Roller Test Stand with an Information Display Unit. (Rollenprüfstand)Manual
78109Extension for the Roller Test Stand. Manual
78110Pair of Roller Brackets. (Rollenbockpaar)Manual
78157Extension for the Roller Test Stand (Verlängerung zum Rollenprüfstand)Manual
78184Märklin Start up - "Construction Site" Theme Extension Set (Märklin Start up - Themen-Ergänzungspackung "Baustelle")SparepartslistManual
78310"Forestry" Theme Extension Set (Ergänzungspackung "Forstwirtschaft")SparepartslistManualInformation
78450"Container Terminal" Theme Extension Set. SparepartslistInformation
78452Märklin Start up - "Container Logistics" Theme Extension Set. (Ergänzungspackung "Containerlogistik")SparepartslistManual
78478"Regional Express" Theme Extension Set (Ergänzungspackung)SparepartslistManual
78479"Regional Express" Theme Extension Set (Doppelstock-Steuerwagen DBbzfa 761 (DB AG))SparepartslistManual
78752"Fire Station" Theme Extension Set (Ergänzungspackung "Feuerwehr")SparepartslistManual
78792"Bord Restaurant" Theme Extension Set (Bordrestaurant BR 402 (DB AG))SparepartslistManual
78841"Modern Freight Service" Theme Extension Set (Moderner Güterverkehr)SparepartslistManual
82540Swiss Sugar Beet Harvest Car Set (Hochbordwagen EANOS)SparepartslistManual
8302 (BR 53 DRG)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8306 (BR 78 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8307 (BR 232 TC SNCF)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8310 (BR 012 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8312 (BR T5 KWStE)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8313 (BR 75 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8316 (BR 52 ÖBB)Sparepartslist
8320 (BR BB 22200 SNCF)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8322 (BR E94 (194) DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8323 (BR Re 4/4 IV SBB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8324 (BR 1100 NS)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8326 (BR 1600 NS)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8327 (BR 1100 NS)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8328 (BR ETA 515 (150) DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8334 (BR BB 26000 SNCF)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8335 (BR E 424 FS)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8342 (BR 111 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8343 (BR Re 52)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8356 (BR Be 6/8 SBB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8358 (BR 151 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8360 (Serie 460 (Re 4/4 VI) SBB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8366 (BR 152 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8369 (BR E19 DRG)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8374 (BR 216, DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8375 (BR 216 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8377 (Schienenzeppelin)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8382 (BR 41 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8385 (BR 003 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8392 (BR S3/6 K.B.St.B.)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8393 (BR 52)Sparepartslist
8396 (BR 86 DB)Sparepartslist
8397 (BR 03 DR (DDR))SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8398 (BR 96)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8399 (BR 38 DRG)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
8428 (BR 815 DB)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
88107Streamlined Steam Locomotive. (BR 05, DB)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts