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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
8192 Double Track Set (Doppelgleispackung T1) Manual
8193 Station Track Set (Erweiterungspackung T2) Manual
8194 Yard Track Set (Rangiergleispackung T3) Manual
81972 "40 Years of Mini-Club" Anniversary Set. (BR 89, BR 03, V 60) Sparepartslist
82394 Anniversary Set for 500 Years of the German Beer Purity Law (Bierkühlwagen "Weihenstephan") Sparepartslist Manual
82720 Christmas Add-On Set. Car Set with a Siding and a Christmas Tree (Ergänzungsset Weihnachten) Sparepartslist Manual
84499 Z Gauge Connection Adapter (Adapter) Manual
8560 Double Slip Switch (Weichen) Manual
8562 Electric Left Turnout (Elektromagnetische Weiche links) Manual
8563 Electric Right Turnout (Elektromagnetische Weiche rechts) Manual
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