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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
70000Basic Catenary Set. (Grundausstattung Oberleitung)Manual
7001Coupler Gauge Manual
70131Catenary Wire for Crossings and Double Slip Switches Manual
70361Distant Signal (Vorsignal)SparepartslistManual
70362"Vr 0 / Vr 1" Distant Signal (Vorsignal.)Manual
70381Distant Signal (Vorsignal)SparepartslistManual
70382"Vr 0 / Vr 1 / Vr 2" Distant Signal (Vorsignal.)Manual
70391Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70392Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70393"Hp 0 / Hp 1" Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70394"Hp 0 / Hp 1" Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70411Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70412Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Signal)SparepartslistManual
70413"Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2" Home Signal with a Narrow Mast (Hauptsignal.)Manual
70414"Hp 0 / Hp 1 / Hp 2" Home Signal with a Lattice Mast (Hauptsignal.)SparepartslistManual
70421Yard Signal (Sperrsignal)SparepartslistManual
7051Remote Control Rotary Crane. (Ferngesteuerter Drehkran)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
71400Plug and Socket Set Manual
7186 (Drehscheiben-Garnitur)SparepartslistOrder spare parts
7198Pickup Shoe (Stromzuführung.)Manual
72020Current-Conducting Close Coupler that Can Be Uncoupled (Kurzkupplung)Manual
72021Current-Conducting Couplers Manual
7205Close Couplers for Locomotives and Cars without Guide Mechanisms SparepartslistManual
72060Relex Couplers (Relex-Kupplungen)Manual
72201Märklin my world - Battery-Operated Signal (Batteriebetriebenes Signal)Manual
72202Märklin my world - Tunnel (Tunnel (Märklin my world))Manual
72203Märklin my world - Manual Grade Crossing. (Manueller Bahnübergang)Manual
72205Märklin my world - "Loading Station" Building Kit (Click and Mix). (Bausatz Verladestation)SparepartslistManual
72209Märklin my world - Sound Station. (Soundbahnhof (Märklin my world))Manual
72211Märklin my world - Freight Loading Station (Güterverladebahnhof (Märklin my world))Manual
72216Märklin my world - Airport with Light and Sound Function (Airport (Märklin my world))Manual
72240Märklin my world – Rerailer (Aufgleishilfe (Märklin my world))Manual
7226Smoke Generator Kit, Diameter 5 mm / 3/16" (Rauchsatz)Manual
72270Smoke Generator Kit, Diameter 3.5 mm / 1/8" (Rauchsatz)Manual
7244Universal Relay (UFS)Manual
72441Brake Module. (Bremsmodul)Manual
72442Braking Module Manual
72452Märklin Start up – Container Terminal (Manuelles Containerterminal)Manual
7262Truss Bridge (Gitterbrücke.)SparepartslistManual
7263Arched Bridge (Bogenbrücke.)SparepartslistManual