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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
44735 "Bobby Car" Low Side Car (Niederbordwagen "Bobby Car") Sparepartslist
44736 Märklin Start up - Building Block Car Set (Bausteinwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
4474 Low Side Car** (Niederbordwagen) Sparepartslist
4475 (Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
44752 Märklin Start up - Fire Department Recovery Crane Car Set (Kranwagen Krupp-Ardelt (DB Netz)) Sparepartslist Manual
4478 (Roheisen-Wagen) Sparepartslist
4479 (Schlackenwagen) Sparepartslist
4481 (Containerwagen) Sparepartslist
44810 Container Car for Painting. (Containerwagen) Sparepartslist Manual
44811 Märklin Start up - PUMA Container Car (Containerwagen) Sparepartslist
44812 "Bundesliga" Car Set, Set 1 (Wagenset "Bundesliga", Set 1) Sparepartslist
44813 "Bundesliga" Car Set, Set 2 (Wagenset "Bundesliga", Set 2) Sparepartslist
44814 "Bundesliga" Car Set, Set 3 (Wagenset "Bundesliga", Set 3) Sparepartslist
4485 (Kühlwagen) Sparepartslist
44900 Set - 12 Freight Cars in a Display. (12 Güterwagen im Display) Sparepartslist
45020 Refrigerator Car. (Kühlwagen) Sparepartslist
45021 Beer Car. (Bierwagen) Sparepartslist
45022 Refrigerator Car. (Kühlwagen) Sparepartslist
45023 Beer Car (Bierwagen) Sparepartslist
45024 Beer Car (Bierwagen) Sparepartslist
4507 (Postwagen) Sparepartslist
45071 (Postwagen) Sparepartslist
45072 Repair Facility Car. (Werkstattwagen) Sparepartslist
4508 (Wagenset THW) Sparepartslist
45081 (Rungenwagenset THW) Sparepartslist
45082 "VW Type T2 Bus Transport" Auto Transport Car Set (Autotransportwagen-Set "VW-Bus Transport T2") Sparepartslist
45083 Auto Transport Car with 2 VW Type T1 "Märklin" Bus Transporters (Autotransportwagen mit 2 VW-Bus Transporter T1 "Märklin") Sparepartslist
45089 Peat Supply Car (Torf-Munitionswagen) Sparepartslist
4509 (Wagenset Bauzug) Sparepartslist
45090 "Airplane Transport" Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set „Flugzeug-Transport“) Sparepartslist
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