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48693 Type SSym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car (Schwerlast-Flachwagen SSym 46) Sparepartslist
48694 Type SSym 46 Heavy-Duty Flat Car (Schwerlast-Flachwagen SSym 46) Sparepartslist
48705 1. FC Annual Car for 2005. (1. FC-Jahreswagen 2005) Sparepartslist
48707 Annual Car for 2007 for the 1. FC Märklin. (Jahreswagen 2007 für den 1. FC Märklin RLmms DB) Sparepartslist
48708 1. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2008. (1. FC Märklin Jahreswagen 2008) Sparepartslist
48709 1. FC Märklin Annual Car for 2009. (Jahreswagen 2009 für den 1. FC Märklin) Sparepartslist
48718 "THW" Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set „THW“ Rlmmps 651 DB AG) Sparepartslist
48719 Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set SSy DB) Sparepartslist
48724 "THW" Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set „THW“ Sm 24 DB) Sparepartslist
48725 Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Rlmmps 651, DB AG) Sparepartslist
48736 Heavy Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen Samms 709, DB) Sparepartslist
48742 Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set SSy DB) Sparepartslist
48743 Type Samms 709 Heavy-Duty Flat Car for "Permanent Roadway", DBSR, Era VI. (Schwerlastwagen Samms 709 "Feste Fahrbahn", DBSR, Epoche VI) Sparepartslist
48744 Heavy-Duty Flat Car Set. (Schwerlastwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48755 Heavy-Duty Flat Car. (Schwerlastwagen) Sparepartslist
48756 Heavy-Duty Flat Car with Fire Department Truck. (Schwerlastwagen) Sparepartslist
48759 Banana Car (Bananenwagen) Sparepartslist
48770 Thermal Insulated Car. (Wärmeschutzwagen) Sparepartslist
48771 Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48772 Beer Refrigerator Car (Bierkühlwagen) Sparepartslist
48773 Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48774 Beer Car Set. (Bierwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48775 Beer Refrigerator Car (Bierkühlwagen) Sparepartslist
48776 Beer Car (Bierwagen) Sparepartslist
48785 (Umsetzwagen) Sparepartslist
48786 "10 Years of Car Production at Sonneberg" Car Set. (Wagen-Set ´10 Jahre Wagenfertigung Sonneberg´) Sparepartslist
48791 Less-Than-Carload-Lot Car Set. (Wagenset - Stückgutwagen) Sparepartslist
48792 "Beer Transport" Car Set. (Wagenset "Biertransport") Sparepartslist
48800 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48801 "Heavy Freight Train" Car Set. (Wagenset "Schwerer Güterzug") Sparepartslist
48802 "Transfer Train" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Übergabezug") Sparepartslist
48803 (Wagenset) Sparepartslist
48805 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48807 Swiss Freight Car Set. (Schweizer Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48809 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48810 Set with 6 Freight Cars. (Set mit 6 Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
48811 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48812 Freight Transport for the Spangenberg Works. (Gütertransport der Spangenberg-Werke) Sparepartslist
48814 Swiss Freight Car Set. (Schweizer Güterwagenset) Sparepartslist
48815 Milk Car Set (Milchwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
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