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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
8945 Universal Relay (Umschalter) Manual
89575 Light Set. (Leuchtenset) Manual
89702 Building Kit of the "Neuwintersdorf" Station and Freight Shed. Manual
89704 Building Kit of an Apartment House and a Multiple Use Building. (Bausatz Wohnhaus) Manual
89759 Single-Track Girder Bridge (Vorflutbrücke Eingleisig) Manual
89791 "Livestock Transport" Add-On Set. (Viehtransport) Sparepartslist Manual Information
89797 "The Plant" Architectural Building Kit Set.
89805 Architectural Building Kit Set for a "Small Railroad Maintenance Facility" (Bausatz Set Klein-BW) Manual Information
89806 "Small Maintenance Facility" Architectural Building Kit Set Part 2 (Bausatz Set Klein-BW) Manual
89807 Architectural Quality Kit Set for "Maintenance Facility Setup" Part 3 (Bausatz Set BW-Ausstattung) Manual
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