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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
89575 Light Set. (Leuchtenset) Manual
89702 Building Kit of the "Neuwintersdorf" Station and Freight Shed. Manual
89704 Building Kit of an Apartment House and a Multiple Use Building. (Bausatz Wohnhaus) Manual
89759 Single-Track Girder Bridge (Vorflutbrücke Eingleisig) Manual
89791 "Livestock Transport" Add-On Set. (Viehtransport) Sparepartslist Manual Information
89797 "The Plant" Architectural Building Kit Set.
89805 Architectural Building Kit Set for a "Small Railroad Maintenance Facility" (Bausatz Set Klein-BW) Manual Information
89806 "Small Maintenance Facility" Architectural Building Kit Set Part 2 (Bausatz Set Klein-BW) Manual
89807 Architectural Quality Kit Set for "Maintenance Facility Setup" Part 3 (Bausatz Set BW-Ausstattung) Manual
8983 Roundhouse Locomotive Shed Kit. (Bausatz Ringlokschuppen) Sparepartslist Manual
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