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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
48007 "Strassacker" Museum Car Set for 2007. (Museumswagen-Set 2007 "Strassacker" SSym 46) Sparepartslist
48009 H0 Museum Car Set for 2009. (Museumswagen-Set H0 2009 Gllmghs 37 DB) Sparepartslist
48011 (Schiebewandwagen) Sparepartslist
48012 Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen) Sparepartslist
48014 Type Hbbikks-tt Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen Hbbikks-tt) Sparepartslist
48020 Sliding Wall Boxcar. (Schiebewandwagen) Sparepartslist
48024 (Schiebewandwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
48025 Sliding Wall Boxcar (Schiebewandwagen) Sparepartslist
48026 Sliding Wall Boxcar Set. (Schiebewandwagen-Set Hbbillns) Sparepartslist
48029 Type Habbins High-Capacity Sliding Wall Boxcar (Großraum-Schiebewandwagen Habbins) Sparepartslist