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47458 Set with 2 Loaded Deep-Well Flat Cars. (Set mit 2 beladenen Taschenwagen) Sparepartslist
47522 Tank Car. (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
47523 "Rotterdam" Tank Car Set. (Kesselwagen-Set "Rotterdam") Sparepartslist
4754 Petroleum Oil Tank Car (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
4756 Petroleum Oil Tank Car (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
47561 Tank Car (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
47562 Petroleum Oil Tank Car. (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
47564 Tank Car Set. (Kesselwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
47565 Chemical Tank Car. (Chemiekesselwagen) Sparepartslist
47566 Tank Car. (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist