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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
76511 Cradle Bunkers for the Large Coaling Station. (Wiegebunker zur Großbekohlungsanlage) Manual
76515 Remote Controlled Rotary Crane (Drehkran) Sparepartslist Manual Order spare parts
7686 (Digital-Drehscheibe) Manual
7687 Digital Retrofit Set for the 7286 Turntable (Digital-Nachrüstset zu 7286) Manual
77502 "Hunt´sche" Large Coaling Station Based on the Prototype in Saarbrücken (Großbekohlungsanlage) Manual
78050 "Emergency Aid Train" Theme Extension Set. (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "Einsatzzug") Sparepartslist Information
78055 "Commuter Passenger Service" Theme Extension Set. (Ergänzungspackung "Regional-Express") Manual
78056 "Long Distance Passenger Service" Theme Extension Set. (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "ICE 2") Information
78070 "Railroad Grade Crossing" Track Extension Set. Manual
78071 "Railroad Grade Crossing" Track Extension Set. (Bahnübergang) Manual
78075 "Solenoid Accessories" Extension Set. (Magnetartikel) Manual
78082 "Construction Site" Track Extension Set. (Ergänzungspackung "Baustelle") Manual
78083 "Construction Site" Theme Extension Set (Themen-Ergänzungspackung "Baustelle") Sparepartslist
78092 "Circus Tent" Expansion Set. Manual
78094 "Tightrope Dancer" Expansion Set. (Seiltänzerin) Manual
78096 (Ergänzungspackung „Musikbox“) Sparepartslist
78100 Roller Test Stand. (Rollenprüfstand) Sparepartslist Manual
78101 Roller Test Stand. (Rollenprüfstand) Sparepartslist
78102 Roller Test Stand for H0 Gauge, with 3 Pairs of Roller Brackets. (Rollenprüfstand Spur H0 mit 3 Rollenbockpaaren) Sparepartslist Manual
78103 Roller Test Stand with an Information Display Unit. (Rollenprüfstand) Manual