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44421 Märklin Start up – Petroleum Oil Tank Car. (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
4443 (Mineralöl-Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44452 Märklin Start up - "Container Loading" Car Set. (Wagen-Set "Containerverladung") Sparepartslist
44460 Tip-Kick Soccer Car. (Tipp-Kick Fußballwagen) Sparepartslist
44500 Type Gs 210 Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
44504 Cargo Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set Cargo) Sparepartslist
44523 (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44524 Tank Car (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44525 Glass Tank Car. (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44530 Glass Tank Car. (Kesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44531 Glass Tank Car. (Glaskesselwagen) Sparepartslist
44532 Glass Tank Car. (Glaskesselwagen Ramazzotti) Sparepartslist
44533 Glass Tank Car. (Glaskesselwagen Doornkaat DBAG) Sparepartslist
4459 Märklin Start up - Stake Car (Rungenwagen) Sparepartslist
44591 Stake Car. (Rungenwagen) Sparepartslist
44592 Stake Car (Rungenwagen) Sparepartslist
4460 (Gedeckter Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
44600 Märklin Start up - Type Taems 890 Car with a Hinged Roof (Schwenkdachwagen Taems 890) Sparepartslist
44610 Talbot Ballast Car (Schotterwagen Talbot) Sparepartslist
4465 (Güterwagen) Sparepartslist