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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
43950 Express Train Passenger Car (Schnellzugwagen) Sparepartslist
43951 Express Train Passenger Car. (Schnellzugwagen) Sparepartslist
43960 Baggage Car (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist
43961 Baggage Car (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist
43969 Express Train Passenger Car Set. (Schnellzugwagen-Set (DB)) Sparepartslist
43973 (Personenwagen (DRG), ehem. bayr. Schnellzugwagen) Sparepartslist Manual
43984 Passenger Car Set. (Wagenset) Sparepartslist Manual
43985 Passenger Car Set with Freight Cars. (Bay. Personenwagen-Set) Manual
43989 Baggage Car (Gepäckwagen (K.Bay.Sts.B.)) Sparepartslist Manual
43990 Fast Passenger Train Car Set 1 (Eilzugwagen-Set 1) Sparepartslist
43992 Type MDyge 986 Auxiliary Baggage Car with Sound (Behelfsgepäckwagen MDyge 986 mit Sound) Sparepartslist Manual
43993 Express Freight Baggage Car Set, Type MDyg 986 (Expressgut-Gepäckwagen-Set MDyg 986) Sparepartslist Manual
44083 "Construction Site" Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set "Baustelle") Sparepartslist Manual
4410 Märklin Start up - Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
4411 Märklin Start up - Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen) Sparepartslist Manual
44113 Boxcar (Gedeckter Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
4413 Märklin Start up - Dump Car (Kippwagen) Sparepartslist
44130 "Troublesome Truck 1" Car. (Troublesome Truck 1) Sparepartslist
44131 "Troublesome Truck 2" Car. (Troublesome Truck 2) Sparepartslist
44139 Dump Car Set (Kippwagen-Set) Sparepartslist