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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
43109 "Ruhr Express Service" Commuter Car. (Nahverkehrswagen-Set "Ruhr-Schnellverkehr".) Sparepartslist
43110 Compartment Car. (Abteilwagen) Sparepartslist
43114 TEE Add-On Car Set for the VT 11.5 (TEE-Zwischenwagen "Helvetia") Sparepartslist Manual
43115 Express Train Passenger Car Set. (Schnellzugwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
43116 Express Train Passenger Car Set. (Set Schnellzugwagen) Sparepartslist Manual
43117 TEE Add-On Car Set. (TEE Ergänzungswagen-Set BR 601, TEE, DB) Sparepartslist
43118 BST Add-On Car Set. (Ergänzungswagenset) Sparepartslist Manual
43119 Compartment Car. (Abteilwagen) Sparepartslist
4313 Passenger Car (Personenwagen) Sparepartslist
43131 Set with 3 Standard Design Passenger Cars (Donnerbüchsen-Set (DB)) Sparepartslist Manual
43132 Standard Design Passenger Car (Personenwagen 2. Klasse Bi "Donnerbüchse" (DB)) Sparepartslist Manual
43135 Passenger Car. (Personenwagen) Sparepartslist
43137 Car Set. (Wagenset "Donnerbüchsen") Sparepartslist
4314 Passenger Car (Personenwagen) Sparepartslist
43143 Set with 3 Branch Line Cars "Austria on a Trip". (Set mit 3 Nebenbahnwagen "Österreich auf Reisen") Sparepartslist
43145 Passenger Car. (Personenwagen) Sparepartslist
43148 Baggage Car. (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist
4315 Baggage Car (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist
43155 Baggage Car. (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist
4316 Baggage Car. (Gepäckwagen) Sparepartslist