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Art. No.Description (class in the prototype)Downloads
29210"Freight Train" Starter Set. (Startpackung "Güterzug" (Batterieantrieb))Manual
29212Märklin my world - "TGV Duplex" Starter Set. (Startpackung "TGV Duplex" (batteriebetrieben))ManualInformation
29214"Freight Train" Starter Set. (Startpackung Güterzug)SparepartslistManual
29216Swiss Starter Set Branch Line Train with a C Track Layout and Transformer. 230 volts. (BR 8500)Manual
29224 (Startpackung "Landwirtschaft")Sparepartslist
29225 (BR 185 + 2 Güterwagen)Sparepartslist
29227"Steam" Starter Set with a Freight Train, Oval of C Track, Locomotive Controller, and a Transformer. 230 Volts. (Dampflokomotive KLVM)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
29240"Branch Line" Digital Starter Set. 230 Volts. (BR 24 DB, ABi, Bi, Rr 20)SparepartslistManualInformationOrder spare parts
29245"Branch Line" Digital Starter Set. 120 Volts. (BR 24 DB, ABi, Bi, Rr 20)ManualInformation
29255"French Construction Train" Digital Starter Set. 230 Volts. (Serie BB 22200)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
29256"Dutch Construction Train" Digital Starter Set. 230 Volts (Reihe 1600 (NS))SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
29270"Freight Train Kit" Starter Set. (Battery) (Startpackung "Güterzug-Bausatz" (Batterieantrieb))SparepartslistManual
29281 (Startpackung "Personenzug")Sparepartslist
29290"Era IV Freight Train" Digital Starter Set. 230 Volts (Startset)SparepartslistManualOrder spare parts
29300"ICE" Starter Set. (ICE)SparepartslistManualInformation
29301"my world" Premium Starter Set (2 Trains) (Startpackung ICE / BR 218)SparepartslistManual
29302Märklin my world - "Intercity" Starter Set. (Intercity)ManualInformation
29303Märklin my world - "ICN" Starter Set. (Startpackung "ICN" (Batterie))SparepartslistManualInformation
29304"TGV Lyria" Starter Set. (TGV Lyria)SparepartslistManualInformation
29307Märklin my world - "Airport Express - Elevated Railroad" Starter Set (LINT)SparepartslistManual