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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
24630 Three-Way Turnout Sparepartslist Manual
24671 Left Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche, R1, 30°) Sparepartslist Manual
24672 Right Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche, R1, 30°) Sparepartslist Manual
24711 Left Hand Wide Radius Turnout Sparepartslist Manual
24712 Right Hand Wide Radius Turnout Sparepartslist Manual
24771 Left Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche links) Sparepartslist Manual
24772 Right Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche rechts) Sparepartslist Manual
24802 Digital C Track D2 Extension Set. (Digitale C-Gleis-Ergänzungspackung D2.) Sparepartslist Manual
24900 C1 C Track Extension Set (C-Gleis-Ergänzungspackung C1.) Sparepartslist Manual Information
24902 C Track C2 Extension Set (Ergänzungspackung C2) Sparepartslist Manual
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Individual parts lists

This table includes the most important spare parts for the locomotives listed.

The information given for spare parts refers to the version currently produced. There may be different parts for older locomotives. In this situation, the spare parts numbers should be taken from the instructions for those locomotives.

The installation of the pickup shoes, traction tires, light bulbs, and other spare parts is shown in the instructions for the models.