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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
46844 Flat Car. (Flachwagen) Sparepartslist
46870 Type Shimmns Flat Car Set with Telescoping Covers (Teleskophaubenwagen-Set Shimmns) Sparepartslist
46900 Marker Light Car Set (Schlusslichtwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
46903 Gondola (Offener Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
46904 Gondola. (Offener Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
46905 (Offener Güterwagen) Sparepartslist
46906 Set - 2 High Side Gondolas. (Set - 2 Hochbordwagen) Sparepartslist
46907 (Offener Güterwagen Eaos) Sparepartslist
46909 Marker Light Car Set (Schlusslichtwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
46911 Freight Car Set (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
46912 Type Fas High-Side Gondola Set (Hochbordwagen-Set Fas) Sparepartslist
46913 Type Eaos 106 Freight Car (Eaos 106) Sparepartslist Manual
46921 Set with 3 Stake Cars. (Set mit 3 Rungenwagen Kbs 443) Sparepartslist
46922 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set Kbs 443) Sparepartslist
46925 Set with 2 Type Kbs Stake Cars (Set mit 2 Rungenwagen Kbs) Sparepartslist
46931 (Transportwagen für Walzstahl-Coils) Sparepartslist
46936 Type Kbs 443 Stake Car (Kbs 443) Sparepartslist
4694 Stake Car (Rungenwagen) Sparepartslist
46940 Stake Car with a Bus. (Omnibus-Transporter Kbs 443) Sparepartslist
46942 Stake Car. (Rungenwagen) Sparepartslist
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