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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
47006 Low Side Car with Stakes. (Niederbordwagen mit Rungen Rens NS) Sparepartslist
47007 Set with 2 Low Side Cars with Sliding Tarp Covers. (Set mit 2 Schiebeplanenwagen Rils SNCB) Sparepartslist
47008 Wood Transport Car. (Holztransportwagen Roos 639) Sparepartslist
47009 Sliding Tarp Car. (Schiebeplanenwagen) Sparepartslist
47011 Set with 2 Low Side Cars. (Set mit 2 Niederbordwagen) Sparepartslist
47012 Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs CFL) Sparepartslist
47016 Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs 684 DB AG) Sparepartslist
47017 Set with 2 Sliding Tarp Cars. (Set mit 2 Schiebeplanenwagen Rils CFL) Sparepartslist
47025 Set with 2 Low Side Cars. (Set mit 2 Niederbordwagen Rs Res DSB) Sparepartslist
47026 Set with 5 Wood Transport Cars. (Set mit 5 Holztransportwagen Bauart Roos 639) Sparepartslist
47027 Type Regs Low Side Car Set (Niederbordwagen-Set Regs) Sparepartslist
47029 Low Side Car Set. (Niederbordwagen-Set AWILOG, AAE) Sparepartslist
47030 Flat Car Set. (Flachwagen-Set Rs 683 und Rs 684) Sparepartslist
47031 Freight Car Set. (Güterwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
47032 Flat Car with Stakes. (Flachwagen mit Rungen Rs 684, DB AG) Sparepartslist
47033 Low Side Car. (Niederbordwagen Res 676, DB AG) Sparepartslist
47034 Low Side Car Set. (Niederbordwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
47035 Sliding Tarp Car Set. (Schiebeplanenwagen-Set Rils, Rilns) Sparepartslist
47036 Track Maintenance Car Set. (Bauzugwagen-Set) Sparepartslist
47037 Stake Car, Type Rs 684 Max Bögl. (Rungenwagen Rs 684 Max Bögl) Sparepartslist
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