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Art. No. Description (class in the prototype) Downloads
078150 (Rollenprüfstand) Manual
162988 (BR E 10.3, DB) Sparepartslist
162989 (BR 44, DB) Sparepartslist
20276 (Alpha-Lok) Sparepartslist Order spare parts
20611 Left Turnout (Weiche links.) Sparepartslist Manual
20671 Left Curved Turnout Sparepartslist Manual
20672 Right Curved Turnout Sparepartslist Manual
20997 Märklin Start up – Uncoupler Track (Entkupplungsgleis (Märklin Start up)) Manual
2205 Flex Track (Flexibles Gleis) Manual
2229 Curved Circuit Track (Schaltgleis gebogen) Manual Information
2239 Curved Circuit Track (Schaltgleis gebogen) Manual Information
2260 Double Slip Switch (Doppelte Kreuzungsweiche) Manual
2262 Left Turnout (Weiche links) Manual
2263 Right Turnout (Weiche rechts) Manual
2265 Left Turnout (Weiche links) Manual
2266 Right Turnout (Weiche rechts) Manual
2268 Left Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche links) Manual
2269 Right Curved Turnout (Bogenweiche rechts) Manual
22714 (Weichenpaar) Manual
22715 Left Turnout (Weiche links) Manual
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