Information about mfx+® Locomotives

Virtual Consumption of Operating Materials on mfx+® Locomotives

Our repair department often receives warranty claims involving complaints from our customers about a limited top speed for a locomotive after a short time of using the model. These are mfx+® locomotives that are low in the virtual supplies of operating materials such as coal, sand, or diesel oil. The models in question have therefore switched to the emergency mode.

Model railroaders using an mfx+® locomotive with the Central Station 2 had to change the locomotive in the past to the operating mode "Standard", if they did not want to use this element of the operating materials consumption. These models came from the factory set for the operating mode "Semi-Pro", in which the virtual operating materials consumption is also active.

Anyone using the model without changing the operating mode unintentionally consumed the resources in these models, which then activated this internally simulated emergency program. Beginning with software version 4.2.x the Central Station 2 will ask the operator whether this mode of operation mode is desired, when he registers an mfx+® locomotive for the first time.

Operating materials consumption set by accident should thereby be eliminated. If one claims warranty coverage for the running problems mentioned above after a few hours of operation, then make sure to check whether the model still has sufficient operating materials and inform you about this operational possibility offered by the mfx+® software.

The notes in World of Operation instructions accompanying each mfx+® locomotive will help with this. This operating materials consumption is only active with the Central Station 2 or 3. With all other potential digital systems, it is permanently turned off.